Truce by Meredith Shayne

TruceTruce by Meredith Shayne

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The Blurb…

Dave Robinson is a straightforward, no nonsense Aussie guy, who fronts a straightforward, no nonsense Aussie rock band, Spitfire. Dave has no time for the more showy members of the music scene, believing that music shouldn’t need glitz and glamour to make it good. He’s not shy about letting the media know his opinion of pretty musical peacocks, bringing himself to the attention of Zeke Starr, frontman of Australian glam rockers Lost Angels, a man who never met a pot of glitter he didn’t like.

The slanging match between Dave and Zeke has been going on for two years before Spitfire and Lost Angels are scheduled to play the summer festival circuit together, and Spitfire’s manager tries his best to rein Dave in. The singers’ first meeting proves that even the threat of death can’t make Dave keep his mouth shut, and Zeke never backs down from a challenge. With only two weeks to get past two years of public tit-for-tat, a truce between the two rockers might be more than anyone can hope for.

So What Did I Think?

This was a great free short story!

I had already read another book by this author, Metal Heart, which was 5 star brilliant, so was pleased to find this story about rock stars Dave and Zeke.

Dave and Zeke are the front men for different rock bands and have spent a couple of years publicly disliking one another. When they both perform at a concert series and actually meet each other, things start to change.

For Aussie readers, the Big Day Out concert is recognizable, but regardless, the characters are gorgeous and the only downside is that the story is not long enough. I would love to read more about these two!

The photo that inspired the story….

4 Stars

To find out more about Meredith Shayne and her books visit her website.

The book can be downloaded free from All Romance eBooks. Enjoy! 🙂

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