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Through These Eyes by N.R. Walker

Through These Eyes (Blind Faith, #2)Through These Eyes by N.R. Walker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Six months after we last met Carter Reece and Isaac Brannigan, they’re still very much in love. Moving in together, moving forward, life for these two is great until some life changing events occur.

Isaac has a frightening setback and Carter’s world starts to unravel. Things become even more complicated and start to change for both men when Isaac’s new colleague enters the picture.

As Isaac struggles for what he really wants, it might just cost him what he needs the most.

So what did I think?

The road to true love is never smooth and if one of the parties is Isaac, this is guaranteed! Although he and Carter have been together over a year, he is still insecure and manages to push Carter away and give him the silent treatment. Communication doesn’t seem to be his strong point when emotions are involved!

In this story, a number of things happen which throw Isaac off-kilter. He is preyed upon for his blindness and insecurities start to appear. Although Carter loves him exactly how he is, Isaac starts to want more. He wants to be perfect for Carter, he wants to be able to see.

Carter, remains totally in love and fully supportive of Isaac, trying to balance caring and ensuring Isaac’s safety, with giving him is independence.

Although frustrating in parts – you just want to shake the characters and tell them to start talking – there are some beautifully romantic moments between the two men.

“I’ll never be able to see you.”
I took his other hand, holding both in mine. “You do see me. No one has ever seen me like you do.” I lifted his hands to his face. “You know me, you see me, like no one else.”
“Not through my eyes.”
“No,” I agreed quietly. “You see me with your heart”

“Carter,” Isaac said gruffly, making me look back to him. “I’m not perfect, although you seem to think I am, I can tell you I’m not. But with everything I am , I am yours.”

This story has a glorious, totally romantic, happy ending!
4 Stars

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To find out more about N.R. Walker and her books, visit her blog or check out her profile on Goodreads.

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Blind Faith by N.R. Walker

Blind Faith (Blind Faith, #1)Blind Faith by N.R. Walker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The blurb….

Starting a new job in a new town, veterinarian Carter Reece, makes a house call to a very special client.

Arrogant, moody and totally gorgeous, Isaac Brannigan has been blind since he was eight. After the death of his guide dog and best friend, Rosie, his partnership with his new guide dog, Brady, isn’t going well.

Carter tries to help both man and canine through this initiation phase, but just who is leading who?

So what did I think?

This was a lovely story. Isaac, who was blinded in an accident when he was a child, receives regular visits from the vet to check on his guide dog. Carter is new to town and takes over the vet practice, thus meeting Isaac.

Carter takes things slowly with Isaac. As well as being attracted, he admires the way Isaac handles himself and is so passionate about his job. Isaac, is very inexperienced and likes Carter very much. However he has abandonment issues which cause him to over-react in certain situations.

It was nice to see the story cover both Isaac’s relationship with Carter, but also his relationship with his guide dog, Darcy.

Secondary characters were also interesting including Isaac’s slightly interfering-with-the-best-intentions sister and Carter’s funny bisexual best friend Mark.

I really enjoyed the way the story unfolded. There was a real sense of realism to Isaac’s blindness and also some great humour.
“Can I introduce you as my boyfriend?” I smiled. “Of course you can.” He grinned. “A lot of them don’t know I’m gay,” he went on to say. “So I want graphic details of facial expressions, please.”

The story is sweet, the dogs are gorgeous and the ending is happy!

4 Stars

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To find out more about N.R. Walker and her books, visit her blog or check out her profile on Goodreads.

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