Perfect Match by J.J. Ryan

Perfect MatchPerfect Match by J.J. Ryan

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Seattle trauma doctor Patrick Quinn has never been in love. In fact, he’s never even had a long-term relationship. In his limited personal life, getting a date is only half the problem. Being able to keep it, despite emergency duties in the ER, is the other. So though he’s interested in Trevor O’Neil, a man he meets on a dating site, he decides to take it slow.

Trevor moved to Seattle looking for a fresh start. Recently single and lonely in his new city, he works business hours as an anesthesiologist, hoping a better work-life balance will make it easier to meet someone. Patrick might be just what he’s been hoping for.

Then disaster hits and a severely injured Trevor lands in Patrick’s ER. Unable to work on Trevor, Patrick feels helpless. He wanted to ease into a relationship, but he’s already attached. Then Trevor’s past comes rushing in to take him away from the dangers of Seattle. If Trevor and Patrick’s new love is to survive the drama, Patrick will have to own up to what he wants-and fight for it.

So what did I think?

An enjoyable and romantic quick read.

Told in alternating POVs, the story is about Patrick (trauma surgeon) and Trevor (anaesthesiologist), who give on-line dating a try. The story follows the development of their relationship as they tackle building a relationship while dealing with hectic work schedules and face obstacles including violence and jealousy.

On the positive side, the story involved medical professionals which was great. Both the main characters were very likable. The initial conversations via email and text message were cute and well done.

There were some beautiful expressions of love and the romantic in me loved that the sex was not just about the physical but the emotional response each man felt: “I wanted him as close to me as one man could be to another. If he could crawl inside me and we could occupy the same space, it still might not be close enough.” and “…..I swear, with all that I am, I saw stars. I saw heaven. I saw love.”

There was some drama. There were romantic gestures. There was a happy ending.

On the not-so-positive side, the insta-love was a bit unbelievable. Although I have mentioned this in previous reviews and been told that it really can happen this quickly (almost love at first sight), I still didn’t get the sense it was ‘real’ love for Trevor when he first voiced it. There were also a few sections of the book that were just a little bit drawn out (such as the day out to the vineyards) but although I think this could have been shortened a bit, it didn’t really detract too much from the reading experience.

This is a book for the romantics.

“He brought life to me. I was no longer a drone, but a man with hopes and desires. He brought with him dreams for the future and of course, love. Trevor taught me to love.” from Patrick about Trevor

“He was the other half of me, the part of me that was happy, full of good thoughts and hopes for the future. And as I watched him, lost in thought, looking in my direction but not seeing me, I couldn’t help but appreciate every fight, adventure, and heartache that brought and kept us together. from Trevor about Patrick

4 Stars

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