The Superior Jewel by Hurri Cosmo

The Superior JewelThe Superior Jewel by Hurri Cosmo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Ryan only dated girls before he met Jansen. He would like to say he’s simply confused except that’s just not the case. But how does he “get the guy” when his former girlfriend is out for the same prize?

Ryan’s former girlfriend, Cheyenne, is used to getting what she wants. Right now, she wants Jansen Branwyth. The only problem is so does Ryan. For the first time in his life he’s strongly attracted to a man. Okay, maybe it’s not the first time but that first time didn’t count because it was two months ago, and yeah, it was the same man. But with the very beautiful Cheyenne going after Jansen and thinking she will have no problem getting him, Ryan thinks he has absolutely no chance with the man. But Jansen doesn’t care one bit what either one of them think. He knows exactly who he wants and knows precisely how he will go about getting his man.

So what did I think?

This gay-for-you story sees Ryan madly attracted to Jansen, the man who saves him from being attacked in the men’s room. After obsessing about him for 2 months, he finds himself on a dinner cruise with the man. The complication is that Ryan is on the cruise with his ex-girlfriend.

Apart from a brief chapter covering the initial meeting of Jansen and Ryan, the whole story takes place over a couple of hours. Ryan has broken up with his girlfriend Cheyenne but she convinces him to take her on a dinner cruise. She is underhanded and selfish with her goal being to seduce Jansen for her own purposes. Obviously it’s Ryan who eventually gets the man!

“His life had just taken the wickedest turn he had ever had the pleasure of living through.”

The main downside of the story for me was the time spent with Cheyenne. I wanted Ryan and Jansen to spend more time together alone.

This was a pleasant way to spend an hour (the book is fairly short) but I do think it had the potential for a novel length story with opportunity to explore how Ryan and Jansen’s relationship progresses after their initial night together.

As a minor point, this story uses some terminology that I don’t much like, specifically “member” and “love hole”, but thankfully these words aren’t overused.”

3 Stars

For more information on Hurri Cosmo, visit the website.

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