Something Like Summer & Something Like Winter by Jay Bell

Something Like Summer, and it’s sequel, Something Like Winter, are two wonderful books! Something Like Summer is being made into a movie (to be released in 2014) and has also just been released as an audio book. This clip gives an idea of what it sounds like. Jay has also posted another clip on his website and youtube channel with a different sample from the book.

I haven’t listened to this audio book but have listened to a couple by other authors which I will review separately. When it comes down to it, I personally prefer to read the book but being able to listen does have its time and place (like while doing the housework! )


The series reading order

  • Something Like Summer (Season #1)
  • Something Like Winter (Season #2)
  • Something Like Autumn (due approx.  6 June 2013)
  • Something Like Spring (due end of this year)

Warning: this review might be viewed as slightly spoilerish

Something Like SummerSomething Like Summer by Jay Bell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Love, like everything in the universe, cannot be destroyed. But over time it can change.

The hot Texas nights were lonely for Ben before his heart began beating to the rhythm of two words; Tim Wyman. By all appearances, Tim had the perfect body and ideal life, but when a not-so-accidental collision brings them together, Ben discovers that the truth is rarely so simple. If winning Tim’s heart was an impossible quest, keeping it would prove even harder as family, society, and emotion threaten to tear them apart.

Something Like Summer is a love story spanning a decade and beyond as two boys discover what it means to be friends, lovers, and sometimes even enemies.

So what did I think?

This book was superb. A fabulously crafted story of lasting love. The characters were portrayed wonderfully. A very emotional story.
Written from Ben’s point of view, the first half of the book was focused on the initial relationship of Ben and Tim, followed by Ben’s story.

During the second part of the story, I was so emotionally invested that I found myself frustrated with the direction of Ben and Tim’s relationship and the introduction of Jace to the story. However Jace was such a beautifully written character that I could understand the direction the story was taken and fully supported Ben’s choice. However I was disappointed to find myself not viewing Tim in a positive light due to some of his choices – thank goodness for Something Like Winter which provided the story from Tim’s point of view.
It is so exciting to hear that the book is to be made into a movie!

5 Stars

Something Like Winter (Season #2)Something Like Winter by Jay Bell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

There are two sides to every story. When you’re Tim Wyman, sometimes there are three.

Tim hoped moving to Texas would mean a new beginning, a chance to spread his wings, but he soon finds himself falling into the same tired patterns. Until he meets recklessly brave Benjamin Bentley. Suddenly a whole new world opens up to Tim—love, sex, warmth… home. Certain that society won’t understand what he and Ben have together, Tim struggles to protect their relationship, even if it means twisting the truth. As his lies slowly push Ben away, Tim learns that the greatest enemy can come from within. Buried beneath a decade of deceptions, Tim must claw his way to the surface in the hopes of learning to fly.

So what did I think?

This book follows Something Like Summer and is the story from Tim’s point of view. Once again it is an emotional journey that provides insight into Tim and the choices he made. Some of Tim’s actions, as told in the first book, are viewed in a totally different light and I found myself once again a supporter and hoping for the HEA he deserved! Lots of frustration and tears but also lots of love in this story.

5 Stars

To find out more about Jay Bell and his books visit the website.

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