Bottled Up by Andrew Grey

The Bottled Up series by Andrew Grey consists of 8 books which are centred around a group of friends who live in the same town.

Reading Order

  • The Best Revenge (book #1)
  • Bottled Up (book #2)
  • Uncorked (book #3)
  • An Unexpected Vintage (book #4)
  • Legal Artistry (book #5)
  • Artistic Appeal (book #6)
  • Artistic Pursuits (book #7)
  • Legal Tender (book #8)

Bottled Up (Bottled Up, #2)Bottled Up by Andrew Grey

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Sean Bielecki has built a new life, leaving an infamous identity and painful past behind. Now Sommelier Wines is Sean’s dream. And after taking in Bobby, a homeless teenager who was attacked in the alley behind his store, parental instincts wake in him that didn’t know he had, giving him new courage and direction. Officer Sam Davis has been watching Sean for a while-not because of his past-but because Sam wants to be a part of his life now. Sam finally asks Sean out, and they seem to click, but Sean is haunted by his memories. It all comes to a head when the man who attacked Bobby returns, awakening Sean’s buried fears, which are compounded by a hateful ex and a new lover who puts his life on the line for others. Can Sean come to terms with his past and present to move into the future? Or will his dream of love end before it starts?

So what did I think?

Needing to spend some time with some good people, I took the plunge into another Andrew Grey story. As expected I found a ‘hearts and flowers’ type romance.

This time the story involves Sean who owns the local wine shop and Sam, the town cop. Sean ends a relationship with a douche bag and on advice from Sean’s assistant, Sam ‘strikes while the iron is hot’, asking Sean on a date.

The romance between Sean and Sam is lovely, with gentle kisses and loving touches, “Thank you for everything. The dinner, the kisses, being held..” which suits Sean fine due to unwanted memories intruding when he moves beyond foreplay.

The story also includes a teenager, with Sean rescuing a sixteen year old boy who was being attacked in the back alley. This plot includes Sean’s fight for custody and fear of the attacker returning. Sean also struggles to let go of his fear of Sam being hurt on the job.

Bobby made a great inclusion to the story although perhaps wasn’t totally realistic as an abandoned and abused teen – he seemed a bit too nice and well-behaved! He also started calling Sean ‘Dad’ really soon after their meeting which seemed unrealistic.

All in all, a nice story, with nice characters and a happy ending – exactly what I expected! 3.5 stars

4 Stars


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For more information on Andrew Grey and his books, check out his website.

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