Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player by Patrick Darcy

Please note that my rating for this book is based on assessing it as gay erotica. It is not a gay romance story.


Confessions of a Gay Rugby PlayerConfessions of a Gay Rugby Player by Patrick Darcy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Star Irish rugby player, Conor Murphy, lives and breathes rugby. He spends his weekends playing rugby, drinking beer, and singing songs with his teammates. There is only one thing he loves more than rugby, and that is hot rugby players. But after the final whistle sounds, the real competition begins: the hunt for the hottest men.

Conor’s muscular body and roguish good looks ensure he can have his pick of the sexiest players. But what happens when this alpha male meets his match on and off the field? Who will come out on top when he meets the horniest rugby players from the USA? Can two alpha males have the night of their lives?

So what did I think?

In the author’s profile at the end of the book, Patrick Darcy says “For me, sex should be passionate, intense, sweaty, dirty fun and a no hold barred affair!”. Well that’s exactly what he has delivered in this book!

The book is told in the first person and opens with Conor preparing himself for a night on the town “As I wipe away the stream from the bathroom mirror and take a good look at myself, I can’t help but think, Conor, you are one hell of a ride.“. Conor is in New York for the Gay Rugby World Cup, a tournament which is played every two years.

Conor and his roommate Sean meet the rest of the team in the hotel lobby before they all head out to a large gay club nearby for the tournament closing party. I thought the author captured the antics of the players perfectly as they heckle each other and chug their pints in a ritualistic drinking game. There is a real sense of camaraderie.

When they reach the club Conor spies Tonio, a player from the San Francisco team, across the floor and he starts remembering the game from earlier that day.

Even without understanding rugby, there is a real sense of the game provided in the descriptions and quite cleverly, the on-field manoeuvres are related back to sex. Conor seems to struggle to keep his mind in the game as the pounding of the players translates into what he would like to do off the field.

The story reverts back to the club where Conor is prowling for Tonio with whom he had clashed in the game. He has days worth of pent up testosterone and wants Tonio to provide the relief. From here it basically becomes total erotica with a real porn feel. There is not much plot or story. It is just the no holds barred sex, pretty much as the author described himself liking: sweaty, dirty, intense.

The author delivers a sex scene that definitely takes the reader right into the moment, describing sights, sounds, smells, feelings. The sex scenes are hot and passionate. The sex is intense. The language is graphic and these boys like it dirty. There is no concept of safe sex.

For me, I love a good sex scene, but I just felt the story wasn’t resolved adequately for my tastes. I am not exactly sure what I wanted to happen but something just felt a bit flat. Perhaps this is because my personal tastes lean more towards gay romance rather than pure erotica? But if erotica is what you are after then this should definitely hit the mark.

Oh, and I will never be using the ice from a hotel ice machine ever again!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Wilde City Press, in return for an honest review.

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