His Roommate’s Pleasure by Lana McGregor

His Roommate's PleasureHis Roommate’s Pleasure by Lana McGregor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

It started with an accidental click…but where will it end?

Desperate to turn in a paper, Adam borrows his roommate’s computer and mistakenly opens a folder that contains Josh’s collection of porn. Adam had no idea that his jock roommate was gay—and into leashes, paddles and domination. And Adam, an inexperienced virgin who’s only ever kissed one guy, is surprised to find himself curious about submitting…

Josh can’t believe that his roommate discovered his spank bank—and he can’t believe that Adam is so turned on by the thought of giving up control to someone. Taking a chance, he offers to look through the photos with Adam…and maybe try acting some of them out.

Night after night, the boys delve into their darkest fantasies of domination and submission. And as lust and experimentation grow into the promise of something deeper, Adam must decide if he’s brave enough to tell Josh how he feels.

So what did I think?

An interesting combination of sweetness and hotness as two inexperienced college roommates discover they are perfectly balanced in their desires.

Adam discovers some images on Josh’s computer: images of kneeling, collars and spanking. He is hugely turned on and embarrassed at being caught but unable to get the images out of his mind.

“Did you, uh, like them?” Josh switched the TV off. “The pictures?”
He carefully refrained from pointing out he’d had his hand in his pants when Josh had walked in. “Yeah, I liked them.”
“Even though they were all gay?”
“Kind of especially because they were all gay.”

There is a real sense of anticipation and nervousness as Josh and Adam start to explore their D/s relationship. On one hand they are both tentative but they both know what they want and there is a real honesty to the relationship.

It is sweet to see their emotional connection develop at the same time as they get more adventurous in their exploration. “He and Josh were walking close enough that his hand could brush Josh’s without much effort. He didn’t, but he could.”

This was a relatively short story but the journey was engaging from Josh and Adam’s initial explorations into BDSM to their realisation they wanted more than a ‘business arrangement’.

4 Stars

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