A Nanny for Nate by Lisa Worrall

A Nanny for NateA Nanny for Nate by Lisa Worrall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Re-vamped, re-written and with scenes not in the original!

A year after his husband is killed in a hit and run, the only thing keeping Parker Adams going is his work and their son, Nate. When his regular sitter moves away, he hires a live in nanny to give Nate more stability. Due to a mix up with the envelopes, it isn’t the young woman he was expecting. Opening the door and finding six feet six of Jake Walsh on the stoop fills Parker with panic. Not that Jake wasn’t perfect for the job; he was. A little too perfect. Which is why Parker had purposely decided to give the job to the other candidate. During his interview, Jake Walsh had awoken feelings in Parker that he had thought were gone forever. How was he going to cope with the man under his roof twenty-four-seven?

Jake Walsh is a force of nature. Having worked at a day care until the tiny business folded, he’s looking for something more secure, but doesn’t expect to find it with his first interview. If he’s honest, he didn’t think he’d get it. Although he’d hit it off with Nate, Parker Adams was a whole different story. After the feeling they’d made an initial connection, Parker’s demeanor had changed and Jake had been left with the impression he didn’t have a chance-until the letter offering him the position dropped onto his doormat. Moving in with Parker and Nate seems like the perfect job, until he realises he’s not only fallen in love with Nate, but Parker, too, and that it’s nigh on impossible to compete with a ghost?

So what did I think?

I found this to be a really beautiful story that deals with grief in a really sensitive way.

Parker had lost his husband, Nate’s father, in really tragic circumstances and was struggling to come to terms with his loss. Even a year after the event he still felt the loss terribly. He works long hours and Nate has to visits a babysitter more than is ideal and the pressure is taking it’s toll on his relationship with Nate. Nate just wants his ‘pop’ back.

When the sitter advises she is moving from town, Parker is forced to look at alternative childcare and interviews for a live-in nanny. Due to his attraction to Jake, Jake wouldn’t have been his first choice but thanks to Nate’s interference, Jake joins the household.

Jake and Nate naturally bond but Parker struggles with his feelings, spending more and more time at the office to hide from how he really feels.

I have not lost anyone in such circumstances, so cannot even pretend to understand how hard it would be to come to terms with the loss of a lover but this story had a true sense of realism. The new relationship progressed at the appropriate pace and Parker’s pain and struggle was obvious. It was wonderful how his friends and loved ones wanted him to move on and find happiness but it was equally as wonderful that Jake understood that Darren was an important part of Parker and always would have a special place in the family.

This was a truly lovely story. It wasn’t overly long but full of emotion with a real sense of hope for second chances.

5 Stars

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Freshman: Uncut (Ivory Towers #1) by Daisy Harris

The Ivory Towers Series

  • Freshman: Uncut (book #1) – in this review
  • Sophomore: Undeclared (book #2)
  • Junior: Unscripted (book #3) – release due 30th August 2013


Freshman: Uncut (Ivory Towers, #1)Freshman: Uncut by Daisy Harris

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Sparks fly between jaded film TA, Shane, and tough-acting freshman, Angel. Shane gives Angel the sex he craves, but struggles to be the man he needs.

Shane’s too old for Angel. Even if Angel weren’t a freshman in Shane’s Intro to Film class, the kid would be too closeted, too confused, too darn changeable and needy. But when Shane sees the pain lurking behind Angel’s tough exterior, he can’t help but reach out to him and give in to the desire in those scared, brown eyes.

Pacific Rim University may as well be another planet from the Oakland neighborhood where Angel grew up. Angel’s fought all his life to get respect, and to stay hard in the eyes of his friends back home. Always the weird kid, Angel was the guy who never hooked up with girls. Meeting his very sexy, very male Film TA, Angel starts to understand why. He refuses to admit he’s gay, but he lives for every one of Shane’s smiles.

When Shane takes Angel to task for his insolent attitude, Angel can’t resist pushing his TA further. He wants Shane to show him, force him, make him accept all the feelings battling around in his mind and his body. But Angel doesn’t just need sex. He needs a man who can help him navigate the new and very raw landscape of his feelings.

So what did I think?

This is the first installment of the story of Shane and Angel. Shane is pretty much a good guy who is TA for an Into to Film class. Angel is a freshman in the class and although he has a very tough exterior, Shane sees something more in him.

Angel’s desire for another man does not sit easy with him. He battles his own feelings. He is frustrated, he is angry, he is confused. “Hell, he wanted Shane to force him. Angel was too hot. Too hard. Too scared, and angry. He didn’t know what to so with any of it. He wanted to punch Shane, but he wanted Shane to punch him worse.” It is really interesting to watch Angel’s internal battle – he wants Shane’s attention, he wants Shane to look at him, to touch him but at the same time he wants to run away.

I loved the dream sequence where Angel dreams of having sex with Shane – a bed appearing in Shane’s office, suddenly being naked, unexpectedly changing locations. It was quite a unique sex scene and really illustrated all Angel’s desires, his desire for hot and passionate sex but being not having to make the decision to do it.

Shane is older than Angel but is afraid of how needy Angel is. They have explosive sex but the emotional toll is high. But as afraid as he is, Shane wants Angel badly enough to keep trying.

HFN with the the story to be continued in Sophomore: Undeclared

3.5 stars

4 Stars

To find out more about Daisy Harris and her books, visit her website.

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Books 5 & 6 of The Men of Riverside series by Serena Yates

Men of Riverside explores the lives of a group of men who all share a high school in the fictional town of Riverside, Texas. Not all of them know they are destined to be couples. Some of them believe they are only friends.

Circumstances and life separate them, sometimes for several years. But luck, determination and love will help them get the reunions they deserve.

Reading Order:

  • Finding Elliot (book #1) 
  • Rediscovering Adrian (book #2) 
  • Understanding Mark (book #3) 
  • Saving Zeke (book #4)
  • Forgiving Jason (book #5)  – in this review
  • Loving Vincent (book #6) – in this review
  • Convincing Landon (book #7)
  • Helping Harry (book #8)

Forgiving Jason (Men of Riverside, #5)Forgiving Jason by Serena Yates

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Jason vows to protect Steve from the bigots who attacked him, but can Steve forgive Jason for what he’s done?

Steve Jacobi is a window washer who is very focused on his financial independence. He’s always known that he’s bisexual, but never had the courage to approach one of the men he was interested in. Relationships have taken a back seat in his life…until goes car shopping and meets Jason Fortin.

Jason is a fun-loving salesman who likes his job. He hasn’t come out because he’s never met a man he was interested enough in. Yet he has no problem approaching Steve, and their relationship quickly develops to the point where Jason is ready for more.

But when bigots attack Steve, Jason reconsiders. Can Steve forgive him for the pain his protectiveness causes them both?

So what did I think?

In the previous book Saving Zeke, Zeke finally acknowledged his feelings for his best friend Ben. In this book, it is his brother Jason’s turn.

Jason runs into Steve, someone he’d had a crush on in high school but they had lost touch when Steve graduated. He starts to feel some very strong feelings for Steve that make him think that maybe he shouldn’t be hiding his sexuality. “Maybe it ran in the family? Not just the being gay, but hiding it until they met the man they were ready to break all the rules for.”

Together the young men explore their sexuality. Neither of them have any experience so it is nice to see things progress slowly in the book and to see them show such concern for each other.

They face harassment in both their places of work. Jason deals with a colleague threatening to out him before he is ready but Steve faces worse from his homophobic work mates at the company where he washes windows.

Jason makes the decision to leave Steve so as to protect him and the story follows Steve and Jason as Jason works hard to get another chance.

A nice story about second chances!

3 Stars

Loving Vicente (Men of Riverside, #6)Loving Vicente by Serena Yates

My rating: 3.5 of f 5 stars

The Blurb…

William loves Vicente with all his heart, but can he give him the life he deserves, free from financial worries and danger, without making Vicente lose his self-respect?

William Fortin is a forensic scientist who has returned to Riverside after six years for his first job. He wants a social life and to settle down, and when he runs into his old crush from high school, Vicente Vasquez, he knows he has found the man of his dreams.

Vicente is a shy Mexican American who works hard so he can pay for the medical care his wheelchair bound father needs. He is a courier by day and a bartender by night, just to try to make ends meet. Dating the man who was his science tutor in high school is a dream come true.

But how can they possibly be partners when Vicente is struggling just to keep the creditors at bay and his traditional family can’t possibly find out he’s gay?

So what did I think?

What I like about this series is the love, support and happy endings. What I don’t like so much is the familiarity between each story. Once again we have two young men who crushed on each other in high school but haven’t seen each other in a long time. Both are very much in the closet.

For some reason, even though Vicente thought he was pretty good friends with William who used to tutor him, he didn’t hear from him once he left for college. Now William is back and awakened feelings in Vicente that he had kept suppressed for three years. Vicente’s family would not be supportive of him being gay, particularly his gang-involved brother.

This doesn’t stop Vicente lusting after William and wanting to find out more about him including whether he is gay. Luckily Vicente can get information from his best friend Steve who is dating William’s brother, Jason. William and Jason have a third brother, Zeke who is bisexual. “It was wishful thinking to hope the third brother was gay as well. Did that even happen? Probably not.” Well, he was proven wrong because this is Riverside so of course William is also gay!

Zeke’s story can be found in Saving Zeke and Jason’s story in Forgiving Jason

William is a shy scientist who doesn’t have much relationship experience “I was always too busy studying anyway, and for a long time I just thought I was a late bloomer.” “Yeah, like really late. You’re almost twenty-five, man.” So William and Vicente start a relationship. Drama unfolds as they try to hide the relationship from Vicente’s threatening and aggressive brother but they fight to be together in the end.

Relatively short, a nice couple with a good bit of drama. I wasn’t sure about the relevance of William lending Vicente money to care for his father’s debts and it seemed a strange thing to do so early in the relationship but it was nice to know that Vicente would get a bright future with his man and not have to face financial stress.

3.5 stars

4 Stars

To find out more about Serena Yates and her books, visit her website.

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