♫♫ Music Playlist: Catch My Breath by M.J. O’Shea ♫♫

I love to check out the music that authors have either found inspiring when they have been writing a book or else the songs they have identified to accompany the story.

M.J. O’Shea has released the playlist that accompanies her book Catch My Breath. I loved this book (★★★★★). See below for the link to the review.

Check out the post on her blog here . She says:

“One thing I do pretty regularly is release the playlist of songs I’d made for my current book release back when I was working on it. I always make one. Although I don’t listen to it when I write, but I listen to it all over the place when I’m thinking and planning and getting a feel for where I want to go. So here’s some of the songs in mostly alphabetical order:) The entire list would’ve been REALLY long. I won’t torture you.

P.S. None of the chapter titles made the playlist. Sorry boy bands everywhere. I still love you.”

Thanks for sharing M.J.!

M.J. O’Shea’s blog contains the full list of songs and individual links or you can check out the playlist on YouTube below.


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