First Impressions by Christopher Koehler

First ImpressionsFirst Impressions by Christopher Koehler

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

The first time Henry Hughes and Cameron Jameson meet, it’s an unmitigated disaster. Cameron reminds Henry of all he left behind when he stopped making adult films, and he cruelly rejects Cameron. When Cameron discovers Henry’s porno-thespian past, he assumes he’s dodged a bullet.

But circumstances continue to throw the two together. Though the physical attraction between them grows, they cling to first impressions, even as a slow dance reveals just how good they could be.

Henry finally realizes how wrong he was, but Cameron can’t cope with “sleeping with the enemy”. It will take a confrontation for Cameron to realize just how wrong he’s been, but unfortunately, he may have lost his chance.

So what did I think?

This book was unusual for me as my opinion kept changing. One minute I was loving it, the next I wasn’t so sure. In summary, I did enjoy the story and it’s laugh-out-loud moments but a little more loving would have raised it just a notch.

The strengths of the book were the wonderful range of characters – most hugely over the top, especially Cameron’s mother – and the humour throughout the story. This is one of those books with some great one-liners. I also adored Cameron’s ‘stories’ about his family.

This is the story of two men who are looking for something more in their lives. Henry is an ex-porn star whose reputation seems to follow him everywhere. He is sick of being known for his huge ‘endowment’ and wants to find a special person to love him for himself. He is a successful business man and philanthropist.

Cameron has tried to be independent and make a life away from his crazy family. He didn’t want to dependent on their money or connections but at twenty-nine, finds himself in a position where he is wondering where his life is going.

An unfortunate first meeting, where Henry insults Cameron based on a misunderstanding of what he thinks of Cameron, results in Cameron disliking Henry. But fate (and their friends) has a way of bring them together. As they keep running into each other, they are attracted and eventually realise they have both may have made a mistake in their first impression of each other.

Throw in some fabulous and strange friends, wacky drag-queen uncles, Cameron’s outrageous mother (“Her son wasn’t the marrying type”) and a bratty teenager and there is lots of fun.

So where did it not come together for me? I think it was the romance angle. I wanted to see Henry and Cameron spend more time together and it just didn’t happen. Because they weren’t together, I also failed to see how their love developed. I guess I just wanted more love.

I definitely think some points are deserved for including character names such as porn star “Hugh Jerection” (corny as that may be) and a kid calling his uncle’s gay friend’s “Uncle Dickrider” and “Uncle Fudgepacker” and them just putting up with it!

3.5 stars

4 Stars

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