Forever in One Second by Finn Marlowe

Forever in One SecondForever in One Second by Finn Marlowe

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Cheating death is easy—the hard part is knowing when not to.

From the moment an anonymous rescuer pulled him back from the brink of death, Dane Harper has vowed to live every second of his life to the fullest. Nothing would please him more than to share those stolen moments with the man who, literally, held his life in his hands. First, though, he has to find him. Then convince him it’s safe to come out of his self-imposed shadows. Even if it means playing dirty.

Court has no regrets about manipulating that one second of fate to save Dane’s life, but having this accursed power to cheat death isn’t the only thing darkening his lonely existence. The last thing he needs is an eternal optimist shining a cheery light on the dark, tortured corners of his past. Except now that Dane has found him, there’s no shaking him…and the longer Court basks in Dane’s relentless warmth, the more he begins to believe that maybe, just maybe, happiness can at last be his.

Distracted by the devilish sparkle in Dane’s eyes, Court begins to forget that there are those who would kill to control his stunning power. And that Dane is the perfect bait…

Warning: Beware—features a man with absolutely no scruples about resorting to seduction and cheap tricks to get what he wants. Plus a skittish, supernaturally gifted paramedic who’s about to discover that it’s okay to go along for the ride.

So what did I think?

Reading this book with it’s ‘fix you’ them – Court fixing Dane physically and Dane ‘fixing’ Court – so I thought I would include the video in case you want to listen while you read! 🙂

A near death experience changes Dane’s life – he gets a new outlook and decides to go after what he wants and what he wants is Court. “Well, I’m not gonna sit around and wait for that second to come around and get me. I want to live now. Might have just got lucky that day, I don’t know, but I’m not gonna push it. I want all my seconds right down to the very last one. I’m greedy.”

Court is the man who saved him, using his ability as ‘a fixer’ so pull Dane back from the brink of death. Court is facing his own demons, running from his past and the people who want him for his special skills.

The book starts in a rush of drama as Dane is caught by a tornado. What follows is mystery, with a story that keeps you guessing. There is a relatively complex back story involving Court and lots of characters. It is filled with action and drama – bad guys, kidnappings, shootings, foot chases, supernatural abilities…at times I did find it a little too much and wanted the drama resolved so the story could focus more on Dane and Court.

Dane persistently chases Court, determined to get his man, while Court tries to push him away, his internal voice whispering “Let him go…you don’t deserve him…he’s not for an unnatural thing like you. Let him go!”. The men have strong bond and emotional tie and there is some sizzling sex.

And finally there is a happy ending. Court may be the one who is able to ‘fix’ people physically but Dane has his own ‘fixing’ ability. He is able to ‘fix’ Court, providing him with family, love and a way forward.

This had the potential to be a really fabulous book but somehow it just didn’t come together fully for me. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed it, but considering the ingredients of the story, I would have expected to absolutely adore it. 3.5 stars.

4 Stars




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