The Buyout by Bru Baker

Looking for a romance in a corporate setting? Like a bit of power play and strategic maneuvering? Like a man in a suit? Appreciate witty instant messaging and shameless flirting?………

The BuyoutThe Buyout by Bru Baker

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The blurb…

All Parker Anderson has ever wanted is to take over as CEO of Anderson Industries when his father retires. But when his father is ready to leave the company, he doesn’t plan to pass the reins to Parker. Instead, he plans to sell the company, jeopardizing not only Parker’s job but hundreds of others.

Parker finds an unlikely ally in Mason Pike, the company’s resident IT guru. What starts as a flirtation takes them from coworkers to coconspirators in a plan to forcibly buy Anderson Industries out from under Parker’s father. While they focus on the buyout, their budding romance has to be put on hold, but that doesn’t stop them from flirting and teasing each other to distraction—and once their master plan comes to fruition, nothing and no one can keep them apart.

So what did I think?

I’m partial to a romance set in a corporate setting. I particularly like power plays and seeing the underdog win and of course, men in suits! In The Buyout, Parker is up against his father. Parker’s father is planning on selling the company but Parker has a strategy of his own.

On the romance side, Parker starts a flirtatious relationship with the guy sent to fix his laptop. Parker and Mason work beautifully together and their messages to each other are cute and clever.

However, I found the story wound up with slightly too much business maneuvering and not enough romance. The relationship seemed to lose some of it’s lustre once Parker and Mason stopped the witty IM banter and geeky, cheesy pick up lines.

Nevertheless it was still an enjoyable story, particularly for fans of office romance with a bit of humour.

3 Stars

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★★★★ Offside by Ryan Loveless

OffsideOffside by Ryan Loveless

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Adam Dumas is Major League Soccer’s only openly gay player. When he is transferred to St. Louis, his new teammates don’t exactly roll out the welcome mat. It doesn’t help that Adam sees “the Gateway to the West” as a step down from his high-profile position in LA—an attitude Adam has no problem sharing with his new housemate and fellow center forward, Colin Evets.

Colin is Adam’s only friend on the team, but when Adam misinterprets Colin’s Midwestern charm for something more, he could end up ruining both their friendship and their careers. As Adam struggles to make a better impression, Colin tries to decide if the person he’s been showing the world is who he wants to be with Adam. The pressure to win influences decisions both on the field and off as Adam and Colin discover how making the wrong move can be very right.

So what did I think?

A really enjoyable story with great characters who drew me into the story. There is great contrast between the two men which made their relationship interesting to watch.

I was drawn to the character of Adam, not necessarily liking him at first, but sympathetic to his situation. Openly gay and a talented and experienced soccer player, he is unhappy with a team transfer. He moves to St Louis with only one plan, finish his contract and get out. He is pissed off and angry at the way he has been treated.

Colin, one of his new teammates, welcomes Adam to the team. They don’t get off to the best start but Colin is a friendly and decent guy who gives Adam the benefit of the doubt. Colin is very inexperienced and uncertain about his sexuality, never having given it much thought before, instead focusing on his soccer. A misunderstanding results in Colin giving it a little more thought!

I appreciated the way Adam behaved with Colin. His old ways behind him, he was gentle and focused on Colin’s feelings. As well as the romance, there was enough drama to keep things moving along. I also loved the way both men end up making certain decisions based on their feelings for the other – definitely warm and fuzzies!

4 Stars

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