☼☼☼ Under the Sun by R.J. Scott and Meredith Russell☼☼☼

This is the second book in a sweet, gentle and romantic series set on a tropical island.

Stories from Sapphire Cay:

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  2. Under the Sun (book #2) – in this review
  3. Chase the Sun (book #3) – due to be released on 23 Aug 2013 by Love Lane Books

Under The Sun (Stories from Sapphire Cay, #2)Under The Sun by Meredith Russell

My rating: 3.5  of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Edward McAllister, wedding planner extraordinaire arrives at Sapphire Cay for a wedding. He has four days to go until the big day and his plans are smashed when he spots the stage he was setting is destroyed. Doesn’t matter that the guy pulling down the old gazebo and digging trenches is hot – he is messing with Edward’s OCD and Edward isn’t afraid to let the other man know exactly how he feels.

Jamie Durand is and ex marine and son of the former owners of Sapphire Cay. He is on the island to get his head around his new life after leaving the forces due to injury. When Edward arrives in his space he is bemused at the instant dislike the uptight man is showing towards him.

Not an auspicious start. But just you wait when Edward relaxes and Jamie opens up. Fireworks.

So what did I think?

A perfect opposites attract story with really likable and interesting characters. The pairing of Edward, wedding planner extraordinaire and Jamie, injured marine, is just fabulous!

Like the first book, Follow the Sun, this story is sweet and gentle without too much drama. There are some misunderstandings as both men read each other incorrectly and make assumptions obviously based on their past experiences (stereotyping for both of them) but largely the story focuses on the slow development of the relationship.

Edward is a wedding planner who arranges a lot of weddings on the island. He comes to the island for a week to arrange a wedding where he meets Jamie. Jamie has completed two tours in Afghanistan and been injured. He has returned to the island, where he was raised, to spend some time to himself so that he can sort out what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

It’s lovely to see the Lucas and Dylan from the first book make appearances. They are supportive, such as the advise offered by Dylan “Just promise me one thing.” He looked at Jamie and pointed toward his chest. “Trust this, yeah? And follow your heart.” His eyes brightened. “Lucas taught me that.”
Follow his heart. Jamie nodded. He could do that.

and of course he does so we get a wonderful happy ending!

3.5 stars

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