Serving Simon by Caitlin Ricci

Serving Simon is book one in the “Serving Simon” series.

Serving SimonServing Simon by Caitlin Ricci

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Simon has an offer for his stressed out roommate, but is this stubborn sub already too far gone for Simon’s methods?

Max’s high pressure job as a surgeon is getting to him and he’s starting to suffer for it. His roommate Simon has a solution for him, but is Max ready to give up control or will this Dom have to work for it?

Simon’s not used to dealing with such stubborn subs, but he can’t sit back and let Max’s health and sanity continue to decline in the name of his work. Enough is enough already and if Max doesn’t accept what he’s offering, then Simon might just have to come up with something even more drastic.

But when a night of passion between these two strong willed men exposes Simon’s secrets, it might be he who has to learn to trust and let go of the control he so desperately seeks.

So what did I think?

“As I was saying,” Simon said, his voice soft in the near darkness, “I want control.”
Max gulped, watching him in the moonlight streaming in from his open curtains. “Of what?”
His mouth turned up into a smile and Max froze, both dreading and needing the answer all at once. “Why, Max, that’s simple.” He took a breath. “I want to control…”

Okay, I had some questions. Why was the head of surgery needing a roommate? Why did the roommate need to be there? But really, none of this mattered too much as the story just focused on the here and now as Simon helps Max deal with his stress levels using his unique methods.

The two men share quite an interesting dynamic and it is fascinating to watch Max respond to Simon, his physical response versus his thought process. Yes, there is some light bondage and sex but the focus is on Max trusting Simon and the emotional side of giving up control NOT on whips and pain.

Just when things were starting to heat up there’s a bit of twist near the end of this story. I don’t want to say what it is but if you peak at my Goodreads bookshelves  or tagging it will give you a clue! 🙂

I felt Max’s reaction to the revelations and easy acceptance was a bit unrealistic particularly given his medical background and felt the ending was somewhat rushed. I was left wondering – what does this mean? what happens next? Tell me more…..

This is the first book in a series so I guess I will need to read the next one to find out more (although I’m not 100% sure what the next one is about!)

Overall, I was drawn into this story but felt a little let down at the end as things wrapped up too quickly, hopefully something that the second book will remedy. 🙂

3.5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author. Thank you Caitlin for the opportunity to read and provide my honest review.

To find out more about Caitlin Ricci and her books check out her website.

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