☊☊ The Go-Between by A.B. Gayle ☊☊

This is a review of the Audible audio book narrated by Jim Bowie.

The Go Between The Go Between by A.B. Gayle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Jake and Sam share an apartment. Highly intelligent but socially awkward, Jake keeps to his room and concentrates on his studies. Sam is the strong and silent type, very much in awe of the younger man’s brain and attracted by his beauty. When Sam’s Aussie friend, Zack, arrives to stay for the Christmas holiday break, can he break the stalemate between them?

So what did I think?

Mixed thoughts on this one, partly because I ‘read’ by listening to the audio version (narrated by Jim Bowie).

As far as the story goes, it is short. Sam and Jake are flatmates who secretly desire each other but have never moved their relationship forward. Jake is a brainiac and a bit shy, keeping pretty much to himself. Sam is strong and doesn’t say much. Unfortunately he doesn’t say much in this story either and I would have loved to hear more from him!

Zack is Sam’s Aussie guest who brings them together by initiating a quick three-way. The romantic in me says ‘not ideal’ as the interaction with Zach is purely physical and I just wanted to see Sam and Jake together. However Zack’s actions worked a treat, he was happy being the third wheel and Sam and Jake were totally focused on each other so all good.

I listened to the audio version. It was about 30 minutes in total so I listened during one commute trip. I actually discovered that I prefer shorter audio books like this one. I think it’s because I only like listening to them in the car and then reading in between so the longer ones get broken up too much with other books in between (unless I whispersync). Anyway, my thoughts on the narration with this one were that I liked the pace but wasn’t overly fond of the narrator. I felt his voice sounded too ‘old’ or mature for the story and I wasn’t overly keen on the Australian accent. In some instances it sounds ok but in others not so good.

I would probably recommend reading over listening in this case.

3 Stars

Do make sure you check out the Opposites Attract series by this author – it’s fabulous!

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