At First Touch by T.A. Chase & Devon Rhodes

International Men of Sports series

Come with us around the world as the men who compete in their country’s most popular sports find that, although it’s not always easy to win in the game of love, it’s the only victory worth having.

At First TouchAt First Touch by T.A. Chase

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Excelling at the game he loved was everything to King, until Lukas showed him at first touch how much better his life could be…

Ewansiha ‘King’ Kroenig is at the pinnacle of his professional football career, even with a problem knee. He keeps his cool and keeps his head down, and that control has served him well. King is bisexual and known to date beautiful women, while he also occasionally satisfies his craving for men with the team’s trainer. It’s a good life, but starting with one bizarre and personal request from his ex, Silvia, his orderly life goes spinning out of control.

Lukas has no problem admitting he’s gay, but with a loudly homophobic team captain,he knows better than to go there around the team. He has his whole career ahead of him and is being groomed to take over for their star player, King Kroenig. If he admires King for more than his athletic prowess, what can it hurt?

No harm, no foul…until a certain trainer who knows them well decides to play matchmaker, then all bets are off. And once they’ve experienced that first taste, they want more. But it’s not as simple as hooking up or dating when you’re teammates, with high profiles and little privacy. And when they each suddenly gain responsibilities they never expected, they must figure out a way to reconcile their personal lives with the expectations of others.

So what did I think?

This is the third book in the series, following A Sticky Wicket In Bollywood, which I really liked and Chasing the King of the Mountains, which I loved.

I probably wouldn’t rate this book as highly as the first two, and most definitely not as high as Chasing the King of the Mountains which was my favourite so far.

I think the second book really stood out because of the more unique nature of the sport (cycling, the Tour de France in particular) while the football in At First Touch was more common place.

The plot was also slightly more predictable however it was still very enjoyable.

My only real complaint was the name of one of the main characters. His name was Ewansiha and I have no idea how to pronounced it so I am sure I was mangling it in my head. He was known by the nickname “King” but his real first name was used enough for me to be really conscious of stumbling over it. It seems a rather silly complaint and I certainly don’t think characters should be named ‘easy’ names just to make them more pronounceable but it was just something that stood out to me.

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★★★★ The Paramedic and the Writer by R.J. Scott ★★★★

The Ellery Mountain Series

  • The Fireman and the Cop (book 1)
  • The Teacher and the Soldier (book 2)
  • The Carpenter and the Actor (book 3) – click here for review
  • The Doctor and the Bad Boy (book 4) – click here for review
  • The Paramedic and the Writer (book 5) – in this review
  • The Barman and the SEAL (book 6 – expected 27 September 2013)

The Paramedic and the Writer (Ellery Mountain, #5)The Paramedic and the Writer by R.J. Scott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Paramedic Jamie Llewelyn rescues accused murderer John Doe from a crash and his life will never be the same again.

Paramedic Jamie Llewelyn moves to Ellery to start a new life away from the City. Attached to the hospital and working for his friend Liam Wolfe he’s happy—even if he has to keep coming up with excuses to miss the Friday meet ups. He had peace and he could finally make a difference in a community that needed him.

When he and Max rescue John Doe from a crashed car balanced on the edge of a ravine Jamie didn’t know but his life would never be the same again. John opens his startlingly violet eyes and suddenly Jamie is falling hard. If only John didn’t have a gun and could remember why he’d shot the passenger in the car. Then maybe passion could change into something else. Love.

So what did I think?

I probably said this when I reviewed the last book in the series but there is something about the Ellery Mountain series that really appeals to me. I think it’s because all the guys in Ellery seem like friends now and it is nice to pay a visit and see what is going on!

In this story, Jamie (the paramedic) rescues Ian (the writer) from a car wreck. Jamie likes to spend time with his patients, sitting with people at the hospital and Ian is no exception. Ian’s identity is unknown and he is a “John Doe” until his memory returns.

It is interesting to watch their relationship develop – Ian doesn’t have his memory, his situation in the car is mysterious, Ian misunderstand’s Jamie’s relationship with Ian’s sister but the attraction between the two of them grows. I initially had some doubts about Ian focusing on his rescuer and perhaps misguided emotions being involved but the author raises this so it’s pretty easy to overlook.

I think my favourite scene is the one where Ian is telling Jamie a story about being hit upon by a politian in a bar “Of course all he saw in me was this guy in tight leather pants and no shirt willing to go down on his knees for some action. All I saw was the headline for my next article.” Not how I’d pictured Ian (leather and shirtless) but it gave Jamie a big hint that he was gay!

The early part of the book contains the mystery of what happened to Ian, the second half focuses on the relationship, particularly Jamie’s fear that he will lose Ian if the journalist heads back to a war zone to find the next great news story. Jamie’s been hurt in the past with the loss of loved one and doesn’t want to put his heart on the line.

Another great addition to the series!

4 Stars

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