Aidan and Ethan by Cameron Dane

The Seeking Redemption series:

  • Aidan and Ethan (book #1) – in this review
  • Devlin and Garrick (book #2)

Aidan and Ethan (Seeking Redemption, #1)Aidan and Ethan by Cameron Dane

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Redemption, Maine. Never had the name of a town been more apt or mocked a person more.

Aidan Morgan made many mistakes in his young life, but moving to Redemption gave him a chance to wash away his poor choices and repair his relationship with his siblings.

Ethan Ashworth had the blond good looks of a hometown football star, but the picture didn’t match the heart and mind of the young man living inside.

The new kid in town with a history of getting into trouble and an unlikely geek don’t often make a match, but a unique friendship forms. With one searing kiss on graduation day, promises of a future are made. One day later Aidan is gone, and Ethan’s heart is left broken.

Redemption, Maine. Never had the name of a town been more apt or mocked a person more … twice.

Thirteen years ago Aidan disappeared in the dead of night, but he is home now. Aidan has come home to take the job of chief of the fire department and to reconnect with his brother and sister. He wants Ethan back too. Unable to forget their kiss, Aidan wants to explain why he went away, and he wants a second chance to win Ethan’s heart.

Too bad for Aidan, Ethan isn’t so quick to forgive and forget. He dealt with a life-changing crisis after Aidan went away. His hurt and anger at how Aidan left him alone has resurfaced, bringing the controlled man back to life. Ethan will listen to Aidan’s reasons for leaving when he’s damn good and ready … and not a minute before.

Redemption, Maine. A place for second chances. Will the town–and Ethan Ashworth–give Aidan Morgan another shot to get it right?

So what did I think?

True friends can find their way to each other through anything, and forgive anything, even very big mistakes. Do you see what I am saying?”

Ethan was abandoned by Aiden, the young man he had just kissed and admitted his love for. Aiden had disappeared the very next day without a word.

Ethan is not prepared for Aiden’s return thirteen years later when he comes back to the town of Redemption to take up the role of chief of the Fire Department.

Aiden wants to explain why he left and rekindle their love but Ethan is not prepared to be hurt again and I don’t blame him given the way Aiden treated him!

I found it difficult to feel sympathetic towards Aiden as I didn’t fully support the reasons he left.

However, even though I don’t understand his reasons and certainly don’t understand why he never made contact in all those years, I still couldn’t help liking him. He obviously loved Ethan and was prepared to put his himself out there to win him back.

The chemistry between the men was obvious and the sex was spectacular but what I really liked was the emotional pull.

I liked the secondary characters, particularly Aidan’s little brother Devlin. Devlin spluttered, “B-but I’m not just supporting my brother; I really am gay.” “Hell son,” Pete gave Devlin a noogie, “sure you are. We all are. I’m as gay as the day is long.” I am looking forward to reading Devlin’s story in book 2, Devlin and Garrick.

3.5 stars

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★★★★ September’s Tide by K.C. Wells ★★★★

The Island Tales series

  • Waiting for a Prince (book #1) – click her for review
  • September’s Tide (book #2) – in this review

September's Tide (Island Tales #2)September’s Tide by K.C. Wells

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

David Hannon hasn’t written a word of his latest detective thriller since he threw out his lover Clark five months ago after he caught Clark cheating on him. So when his agent informs him that he’s about to leave New York to take a little trip to an island off the south coast of England, David is torn. It could be just what he needs—or the vacation from hell. Once he arrives there, David quickly falls in love with the beautiful, tranquil Steephill Cove. The quiet little bay has everything David needs, including the opportunity to get laid regularly, in the gorgeous shape of Taylor Monroe, who runs a water sports equipment hire business. David’s a happy man. He always writes better when there is a plentiful supply of good sex.

When Taylor first meets the Lighthouse’s newest occupant, he can almost hear the click. David is just what Taylor needs—an older, sexy guy who is willing to share his bed, no strings, no promises. At least, that was the plan. As the two men spend more time together, Taylor finds himself growing to like the confident writer more and more. Taylor’s family like him. Taylor’s friends like him. And then there comes the moment when Taylor realizes that maybe it’s no longer a matter of liking David, but something a whole lot stronger.

Unfortunately, his epiphany occurs a little too late, when a visitor to the bay forces Taylor to accept that David might be spoken for. In any case, David is leaving at the end of September—and it looks like he’ll be taking Taylor’s heart with him…

So what did I think?

I just liked this book. I’m not sure I really even know why. There is no stand out reason, no major event or climatic moment that enthralled me, the characters are lovely but not spectacular – something just appealed.

The story is about David, a well-published author who is suffering writer’s block after being betrayed by his lover. His publisher forces him to take a break and books him accommodation on an island off the English coast.

Here he meets free-spirit Taylor, a younger man who eventually captures his heart.

I loved the location, I loved Taylor and I enjoyed the story with it’s low-angst but a few moments of tension and misunderstanding.

This was a great sequel to the first book, although totally able to be read stand-alone.

4 Stars

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