Furtive Liaison by Amanda Young

Furtive LiaisonFurtive Liaison by Amanda Young

My rating: 3.5  of 5 stars

The Blurb…

A “quickie” is all Shawn Delaney wants when he meets Marc Wright at a XXX bookstore. Instead, he discovers instant, explosive chemistry with a man with whom he has nothing in common. The last thing he wants is a long-term relationship with anyone, much less an impulsive guy sporting chipped black nail polish.

To a workaholic like Shawn, “love” is a four-letter word, until Marc strolls into his life and turns it upside down in the best way possible. And for the first time in his life, Shawn isn’t concentrating on work.

But the discovery of a simple yellow rubber ducky in Marc’s luggage sends Shawn on a downward spiral of confusion about his lover’s history and fidelity, and eventually, it leads to heartbreak. Has their entire relationship been nothing more than the illusion of happiness, or could there be more to Marc’s betrayal than meets the eye?

So what did I think?

This story follows the relationship of Shawn and Marc who meet over a sexual encounter and continue a sexual relationship over a number of months. Surprisingly the relationship becomes more than sex, but Shawn has his suspicions about Marc due to Marc’s frequent travel and some items in his suitcase.

We see Shawn’s heartbreak as he discovers information about the man he has grown to love. Shawn has wasn’t looking for commitment but is devastated by the information uncovered.

Marc has some interesting reasons for hiding significant parts of his life but as the story is from Shawn’s point of view, this isn’t explored in too much detail. Rather the focus is on Shawn and his emotions.

Overall this is a nice, relatively short book with a couple of twists and some hot sex!

To find out more about Amanda Young and her books visit her website.

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