Summer School by Tam Ames

Summer SchoolSummer School by Tam Ames

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Jeremy Decker’s recent split with his long-distance boyfriend has left him lonely with a mountain of debt. His only practical source of extra cash is to teach summer school, even if it means teaching history—not easy for an English teacher. To support him, the school hires Lucas Van Sloan, a much-younger college history student.

Lucas, with his swimmer’s physique and optimism, not to mention his determination to get what he wants, both attracts and annoys Jeremy… and what Lucas wants is Jeremy. The heat flares between them, but when Jeremy’s ex, a high-powered attorney with plenty of experience turning things his way, shows he wants Jeremy too, it threatens to snuff out the flame of passion and new love.

So what did I think?

A nice enough story as Jeremy and Lucas find love while working together at Summer School.

Jeremy is not looking forward to the summer. He is getting over a long term relationship with an older man who did a number on his heart. He has ended up in debt and therefore finds himself teaching history instead of relaxing over the summer.

Lucas is excitedly looking forward to his summer as teacher assistant “Finally, he had a job he could put on his resume that didn’t suggest the phrase “I look great in a Speedo.”

Jeremy is not looking for another relationship and most definitely not one with someone at work. Lucas is much younger but takes quite a lead role in their relationship development when Jeremy’s broken air conditioner gives them an excuse to spend time together.

I think I liked Lucas the most in this story. He is not afraid to go after what he wants. He makes decisions, acting wiser than his years and getting very possessive over Jeremy. Jeremy enjoys not having to over think things and appreciates the contrast in their experiences, with Lucas being more sexually experienced.

It was a nice quick read with likable characters and some cute lines.

3 Stars

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