★★★★★ Memorizing You by Dan Skinner ★★★★★

This is one for my favourites shelf and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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Memorizing YouMemorizing You by Dan Skinner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Two high school boys from different walks of life: Ryan, a handsome athlete, and David, an average joe from a blue collar family, discover their desires, stealing their kisses under the cover of an old oak at night. Their love begins a secret life, hidden from their families, friends, and classmates. As their passion grows, so does the danger of their discovery. Their only hope is to create a separate world where every kiss is a treasure and every moment… memorable.

First love. Secret love. Unforgettable love.

So what did I think?

This is one of the most emotional and beautifully written books that I have read in a long while and no review I could write would do it justice. This story touched my heart in every way. Reading was a deeply moving journey that ended in heartache and tears but I wouldn’t change a minute of it.

There have been quite a few reviews written that capture the essence of this book perfectly so I am not going to say too much about the story other than emphasizing a few points.

Firstly, you MUST read this story. This is one of those books that will touch you. Yes, it is filled with pain and sorrow but it is so very worth it.

Secondly, a lot of the heartache comes from a direction you won’t expect. It is a love story that so wonderfully captures the feelings of these two special young men. The emotional connection they have is beautiful. The world of the sixties challenges their love but their biggest challenge is insurmountable.

Finally, there is no traditional happy ending. There are lifetimes of sadness but a strange sense of hopefulness that there will be at least a brief moment of happiness. So a question to the author Dan…will there be bluebirds this year? And if there are, please share!

5 Stars

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★★★★★ An Inch at A Time by Heidi Belleau & Amelia C. Gormley ★★★★★

This was short but like it’s predecessor, so very hot!

The Professor’s Rule series


An Inch at a Time (The Professor's Rule #2)An Inch at a Time by Heidi Belleau and Amelia C. Gormley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The blurb…

James Sheridan is failing history. Luckily, his professor is a rumored pervert, and James isn’t too proud to pay for a better grade with his body. Professor Carson lives up to his reputation, but he’s not unethical enough to take sexual bribes. What he can offer is some highly unconventional tutoring . . . creative use of a ruler included.

The deal? Studying, followed by a “quiz.” Wrong answer? Spanking. Right answer? Reward. Ace the final, earn some mindblowing sex. It’s harder work than sexual bribery, but it beats the volunteer tutors at the student center.

After a few study sessions, James realizes he wants way more than a grade from Professor Carson, even if he’s not sure what that is. Carson’s a silver fox, all right, but James isn’t “bent” the way Carson is, and for him, the spankings are only supposed to be a means to an end. But the better he gets at history, the more he realizes he likes getting answers wrong just as much as getting them right.

So what did I think?

Like its predecessor, Giving an Inch, this is a seriously hot little story!

All the action in the first book took place in a department store change room – one very scorching scene as Carson, who we only meet as the man on the end of the phone, directs James to do some wicked things. James hadn’t had contact with Carson in over two years, not trusting his ability to stop himself from going too far under Carson’s dominance – he would do anything for the man.

This book takes us back to when Carson and James first met and this time the story extends over a couple of months. From James first nervous attempt at propositioning his professor, to receiving his final grade.

There is the potential for the student/professor relationship to seem inappropriate but I didn’t get this sense at all. Carson’s ‘methods’ may not be standard but he definitely provides James with the incentive he needs.“But what I will never do is alter your test scores just because you refused to submit to me, James. Nor will I improve them just because you did submit. If you earn the grade, you’ll have earned it by virtue of your own hard work and dedication. The method by which you do so will always be up to you. All I do is teach. And all this merely serves as…incentive.”

It is wonderful to see how beautifully James responds to Carson and there is a huge sexual tension that extends throughout the story.

There is also more insight given into James and his personality. Just a hint of his addiction and the things he had done to support it and perhaps why he craves what Carson gives him.

So now I am left wanting to see a number of things in book 3 – picking up immediately from this book with the continuation of James and Carson’s relationship in the lead up to their separation or a continuation of the story from book 1 Giving an Inch where Carson and James meet up again after the change room incident. Or maybe a story from James’ past or a more detailed look at Carson? But I’ll take whatever I can get……

Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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The Club Floggers Series by H.C. Brown

Vanilla Boy (Club Floggers, #1)A Dom's Revenge (Club Floggers, #2)Curious (Club Floggers, #3)Beg (Club Floggers, #4)

Wanted: Two Doms (Club Floggers, #5)Aiden's Training (Club Floggers, #6)

  • Two Doms
  • #1 Vanilla Boy – 80 pages
  • #2 A Dom’s Revenge – 22 pages
  • #3 Curious – 50 pages
  • #4 Beg – 31 pages
  • #5 Wanted: Two Doms – 23 pages
  • #6 Aiden’s Training – 30 pages
  • #7 Two Dom’s: One Pup – >50 pages

I’ve decided to review all the books in the Club Floggers series as a series rather than writing an individual review for each book. My reason for this is that I had similar feelings toward each story and they basically rated the same – 3 stars across the series. They are a collection of short stories, some a bit longer than others, with overlapping characters and set in the same club.

3 Stars

So what did I think?

I basically read these stories back to back since they were so short. Overall I enjoyed them but they were a little too short for my liking. I felt that there just wasn’t enough time to understand the characters and I really wanted to see more than just the sex, to know more about the men and what drove them and their desires. I felt it just skimmed the surface of the dominant and submissive nature.

I started the first book and had some doubts. Nash, the Dom, seemed to be a total asshole and I had no interest in seeing him win Paul over. However, as the story progressed he sort of grew on me. Throughout the series I struggled to become invested in the relationships (due to the short story length?) and so decided to just read the stories for what they were without trying to look for anything too deep or to question behaviours too much.

What I did enjoy was how many of the characters, both submissive and dominant, were from rock bands. I really like books with musicians! In fact I would have liked to have seen more of the rock star world beyond the bedroom or confines of Club Floggers.

These are stories definitely suited to someone who is looking for a quick read and to just dip a toe into a world of BDSM.

Now here’s the part I wasn’t too sure whether to include or not – the mention of price/value for money (which I don’t usually get into). But I have decided to mention it as I know some people buy books on my recommendation and I think should be fully informed. I got the first book free from ARE – which is fabulous so thanks to the publisher and the author! – and then bought the rest of the series. I am one of those readers with a compulsion to complete a series no matter what! All up, including the free book, I spent $12.94 on the books. They were priced at $1.99 and $2.99 each, and although the website had the word count for each story I didn’t pay it too much attention. So although I enjoyed reading the books, I don’t think the price for a 20/30 page book is good value. But I guess you can make up your own mind!

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