The Doctor and the Bad Boy by R.J. Scott

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The Ellery Mountain Series

  • The Fireman and the Cop (book 1)
  • The Teacher and the Soldier (book 2)
  • The Carpenter and the Actor (book 3) – click here for review
  • The Doctor and the Bad Boy (book 4) – in this review
  • The Paramedic and the Writer (book 5) – click here for review
  • The Barman and the SEAL (book 6)
  • The Agent and the Model – due for release 1st November 2013

The Doctor and the Bad Boy (Ellery Mountain, #4)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Mitchell Ryan, the recovering alcoholic bad boy, meets Doctor Liam Wolfe, the man who shows him it’s okay to love…

No one has every understood Mitchell Askett. The bad boy. The alcoholic. The loser. Buying into the Ellery Mountain resort and placing down roots in the community for himself, his sister and his niece puts him on the radar of the Fridays and Dr. Liam Wolfe.

He realises he has friends in his new home that don’t judge him for what happened before and finally begins to escape his past. When he falls hard and fast for the Doctor he even sees a future for him in Ellery.

When his new happiness is threatened by family and by disaster he begins to lose faith, until Liam shows him it’s okay to ask for help.

So what did I think?

There is something about this whole series that gives me the warm and fuzzies!

Mitchell arrives in town, niece in tow, and is immediately thrown into drama as they make an emergency dash to the hospital. Here he meets the gorgeous Liam.

Mitch also meets the group of Ellery friends that we have come to know through the previous books “Jeez. Was anyone in this town ugly?” but even when faced with all these wonderful men, it is Liam who sparks something in him.

Mitch is a man with a past, plagued by rumour due to his alcoholism. But in reality is a strong man, taking responsibility for his actions and also taking huge responsibility for his sister and her child. I enjoyed that the story had the group of friends accepting Mitch, not judging or making him prove himself.

Liam is looking for love, wanting what is friends have. “He had to be content with what they had now. Not everyone was like Max and Finn, Daniel and Luke or Kieran and Jason. Some men came together when circumstances were right. Didn’t mean there was a happy ever after for every gay man in Ellery.” But us readers know better and of course Liam will find love!

There are some misunderstandings, there is some drama and heroics, there are confrontations. But there is also romance, sexy sex and a happy ending!

“It turned out that even an alcoholic bad boy like him deserved to love and be loved.”

4 Stars

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A Daring Ride by Andrew Grey

The Bullriders series:

A Daring Ride  (The Bullriders, #2)A Daring Ride by Andrew Grey

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Simon “Frizz” Frizzell sneaks away to the rodeo on weekends, and it’s not until after he wins a buckle that he tells his parents about his bull-riding. He knows they won’t approve of his choice of sport, but his parents own a Christian bookstore, and he couldn’t possibly tell them the whole truth: he’s gay. And so are some of his rodeo friends, like Dante and Ryan, and Jacky—a young man he wishes could have been more than a one-night stand. When Simon sets his sights on his dreams, he finds work with Dante and Ryan, and bumps into Jacky on the job.

Jacky Douglas is a rodeo fanatic, plain and simple. He loves the ride, and he loves the cowboys. He fell hard for Frizz when they met, and theirs was a one-night stand made in heaven. When they meet again, Jacky thinks it’s a stroke of luck. Frizz takes some convincing, but once he’s on board, they begin a relationship. The fledgling romance faces a challenge when news of it travels all the way to the one place Frizz doesn’t want it to go: his parents’ bookstore.

So what did I think?

This was a nice follow on story from A Wild Ride, introducing Simon (Frizz) and his relationship with Jacky, but also providing a glimpse into the life of Dante and Ryan.

The plot is fairly simple as Jacky, rodeo fan-boy, has a one-night stand with Frizz who has secretly entered the rodeo. Of course the one night becomes more as they meet up again when Frizz takes a job with Dante and Ryan. Together they face Simon’s coming out and acceptance of his own sexuality.

Frizz’s parents are not accepting of his desire to ride in the rodeo and it takes a lot of convincing for them to agree to him completing and moving away to train under Dante. As the owner’s of a large Christian bookstore they are even less accepting of his sexuality.

The story mixes rodeo action with the developing relationship between Frizz and Jacky. As a couple they are very sweet and supportive with lots of feelings being expressed. There’s lots of sex/’making love’ with quite a romantic and poetic quality to it.“They made love to the rhythm of the storm….”… “Nature seemed to be echoing their passion, and as Jacky reached his peak, thunder cracked and rolled, carrying their cries of passion towards the heavens.”

I liked the sweet and mushy stuff (I’m usually in the mood for this when I pick up an Andrew Grey) and I enjoyed the happy ending. I was a bit over Simon agonizing about his situation and was glad when Simon himself realised he needed to get on with this life. “I know everyone must be getting tired of me running on about this all the time.” Simon turned to Jacky. “Frankly, I’m tired of it too….” Thank goodness!

The only other feedback is in relation to the use of Simon/Frizz’s name. Frizz is Simon’s nickname and his rodeo persona. At the beginning of the story (chapters 1 and 2) he is referred to as Simon although the nickname Frizz is used sometimes in conversation. In chapter 3, Simon isn’t used at all and he is only referred to as Frizz in both narration and conversation. In chapter four, he’d gone back to being referred to as Simon, chapter five back to Frizz. I found it a bit confusing, even when he finally asked Jacky to call him “Simon”, not using his Frizz bull-rider name. Anyway, maybe it was just me but I found this to-and-froing quite noticeable.

All-in-all, this story was exactly as I expected and a pleasant way to spend an afternoon!

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