★★★★★ A Little Bit Country, A Novel by S.J. Frost ★★★★★

Fabulous! A country singer and a rock star. How can you go wrong!

A Little Bit Country, A NovelA Little Bit Country, A Novel by S.J. Frost

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Rock singer, Ash Ivers, and country music star, Jackson Abrams, have intense passion that brings them together, but will they be able to overcome all their differences when Jackson’s career is threatened?

Ash Ivers says and does what he wants, and with being the lead singer of the world famous rock band, From Ashes, he gets away with both. Three years ago, his mouth got the better of him, and he started a media feud with county music star, Jackson Abrams. When they’re both booked to play a charity concert, he sees his chance to finally confront Jackson in person. Though, he’s uncertain if his anger will hold against his attraction to the singing cowboy.

Jackson Abrams is the darling of country music. He’s polite, charming, handsome…and he has a secret that he fears could jeopardize his career. When it comes to the cocky rock star, Ash Ivers, he’s infuriated and intrigued by him. He wants their feuding to stop, but he also doesn’t want to lose the attention it gives him from Ash.

As Ash and Jackson meet, the heat of anger turns to passion. But when Jackson’s world starts crumbling around him, will their differences make them stronger, or drive them apart?

So what did I think?

I loved this story, from the animosity between Ash and Jackson at the beginning of the book, to the solidarity shown at the end. I loved the contrast between the two men, one a rocker with looks to match and the other a country singer, cowboy hat and all. In common they have their love of music and their attraction to one another.

They work beautifully as a couple – hot and sexy but oh, so romantic too “I’ve never had anything in my life more incredible than you.” Ash felt Jackson take a breath of surprise, and before Jackson could say anything, he closed their mouths together. He knew Jackson understood he was talking about so much more than sex, and that was enough. Right now, he just wanted to be with him, no words, only emotion.”

The city/country contrast is a highlight of the story. It’s fabulous to see Ash out of his element as he deals with life on the ranch “Damn, I’m really feeling country now, riding in the bed of this mini pick-up-truck-four-wheeler-dune-buggy-thing.”

The story is full of humour and easy teasing banter with a perfect smattering of drama as their relationship is discovered and they deal with the media fallout and impact on Jackson’s career. And the ending was perfect as I always love grand gestures of love!

5 Stars

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