Quarterback Sneak by Pepper Espinoza

Quarterback SneakQuarterback Sneak by Pepper Espinoza

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Can an athlete overcome his greatest challenge yet for the only man he’s ever loved?

The headline “Quarterbacks Garnett, Patton, Rumored to be Gay” greets Cache Garnett the morning after he wins the football championship, and defeats his biggest rival, Eric Patton. Facing a potentially career-ending knee injury, the last thing Cache wants to deal with is speculation about his personal life. If the injury doesn’t end his career, the swirling rumors could.

Especially since all the speculation and rumors are true..

So what did I think?

This is a great short story. What makes it great? Well, it’s football and it’s quarterbacks, and there’s injury and soul searching. This is long term love with friendly competition and cute rivalry between wonderful characters.

How many times have you read a story involving elite sports players facing the big coming out question and you have thought…“You’ve already reached the pinnacle of your profession. You’re not going to get any higher, and look what happened. Your knee could be fucked. An if it’s not fucked now, then maybe it’ll be your shoulder next season, or your head the season after that. Then the game is over, and you’ve got to move on. Maybe you’ll coach, or maybe you’ll get a cushy job in some news studio or some booth calling the games. But either way, this is going to be over in a few years.”….thank goodness for Coach Miller’s wife who isn’t afraid to say what we’ve all been thinking – put the man first! but really, regardless of the football, I think these guys would have always put each other first.


To find out more about Pepper Espinoza visit her website.

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