As Spring Rain by Valentina Heart

As Spring RainAs Spring Rain by Valentina Heart

My rating: 2.5 to 3 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Michael only wants for his twin brother to be safe as he picks one bad boyfriend after another, never even lingering on the thought of loving Michael the way Michael loves him.

All Gabriel wants is Michael, each morning when he faces the day, and each night when he pulls a stranger’s face in for a kiss instead of the one he wants the most.

Fixing Gabriel’s boyfriend problems is a way of life for Michael, but what he doesn’t know happens behind closed doors, where Gabriel welcomes each kick or hit, and where he numbs his pain with the sharp edge of a razorblade.

Can they find a solution to their situation and make both of them happy?

So what did I think?

“Maybe I would dream again, that dream where he is not my brother but my lover and where it is perfectly normal to hug a man who looked just like me, but wasn’t me at all.”

This is one of those books where I have very mixed feelings.

Firstly let me start by saying it’s twincest. This is okay by me. I am perfectly fine with twincest although I understand lots wouldn’t be. So if the twincest doesn’t put you off, keep reading…

I bought this book months and months ago and it has sat unread on the Kindle since then. I finally started reading it this week without reading the blurb (although I assume I must have read it at some point). I think if I’d read the blurb I would have put off reading the book for a bit longer.
The reason for this is very personal. In recent months I have become aware of some people in my personal circle dealing with self-harm. So this one was a bit too close to home. I found it really uncomfortable to read about Gabriel’s cutting. Knowing it was only a short book, I persevered through these bits.

The characters were frustrating in their actions. Although twins they had very different characters and very different ways of dealing with their feelings toward each other. Michael protects Gabriel and Gabriel keeps putting himself in harm’s way with a series of abusive relationships.

I wanted them both to be happy and wanted them to get together but in the end, the way this happened was a bit out of my comfort zone – too much pain and sadness and blood.

Maybe I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind but I just felt depressed reading this. So a warning, be aware it contains self-harm in the way of cutting and maybe check out some other reviews to see if this is a story for you.

2.5 to 3 stars (this was difficult for me to rate and I find it hard to say I liked it)

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