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My HeroMy Hero by Max Vos

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

When he was sixteen years old, Rich Miller saved a young man from drowning at his local pool. Little did he know that years later, as a senior in college and Olympic diving hopeful, Rich would meet up once again with Johnny Milloway, now a big football player – and when Rich says big, he really means ‘bear’. The shy jock remembers his savior, and the two men become friends.

Johnny isn’t put off by the fact that Rich is gay. In fact, the more time he spends with Rich, the more curious he becomes. Johnny wants to know all kinds of things – what it’s like to kiss a guy, for instance. Only it doesn’t stop there…

Rich finds it difficult to believe that this relationship can go anywhere. Johnny is straight, and Rich isn’t prepared to deal with the heartache he knows will come his way in the future. He has enough on his plate as it is – the Worlds are just around the corner, his father would rather watch a football game than spend time watching his son dive…. What he doesn’t count on is Johnny, who can be very determined. And having Johnny in his life proves to be a catalyst for some pretty earth-shattering changes.

So what did I think?

Max Vos is my hero – I was craving a sweet story with sexy athletes at it’s heart and he delivered!

This is a college story. Rich is a champion diver and Johnny is a star football layer, a few years younger than Rich. An incident in their past, where Rich saved Johnny’s life, provides a bond that starts their friendship when they meet again years later.

This story packs a lot in, from Rich being bullied (and Johnny of course standing up for him!), Rich’s issues with his father, Johnny’s awakening sexuality and some really dumb (and totally annoying) stuff done by Johnny. Yes, Johnny did something really stupid!

There is obviously a deep emotional connection between Rich and Johnny, well before they acknowledge it to each other. And the sex…let’s just say that for two sweet characters, the sex can get downright dirty!

I adored cousin Anita – every family needs someone who pulls no punches and gets straight to the point – honest, funny and accepting! And Mr and Mrs Milloway Johnny’s parents, were wonderful as well. They seemed to know more about Johnny than he knew himself.

This book has it’s sweet moments and it’s intense sex and a lovely emotional happy ending. It might be a bit over the top in places for some but I was totally in the mood for the emotional romantic bits! “He propelled himself off the tower over the shimmering water into a swan dive, his body, mind and spirit free. Free to love and be loved. And he flew higher than he had ever flown before, with love uplifting him, keeping him in flight. Free.”


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Freshman Orientation by Brandon Reed

Freshman Orientation (Pauer Bautam University #1)Freshman Orientation by Brandon Reed

The blurb…

Welcome to Pauer Bautam University… where gays… young and old… come to play.

Hunky college senior Ryan Kelly hasn’t gotten any in weeks… but that’s about to change. A new wave of freshmen are swarming the college campus, and he’s got his eyes set on a young hottie named Sean. Will Ryan’s dry spell finally come to an end?

So what did I think?

This was a short, somewhat amusing story about Ryan, a senior setting his sights on the incoming freshman. His focus is sex not love and it is not smooth sailing.

Ryan meets the twink of his dreams who happens to share a class with him. Sean is surprisingly open to his advances and what follows are a series of encounters where things (raccoon’s included!) seem to prevent Ryan from reaching his ultimate ending.

In the end he gets more than he hoped for – fabulous sex with Sean and a mad case of reciprocal insta-love!

The story is fairly simple, there’s a big focus on the sex (where the use of the word ‘penis’ was overused in my opinion!) and I’m still undecided about whether or not to continue the series.

2.5/3 stars – I think it would get more stars if the story continued beyond the current end point with a focus on the relationship development. There are 5 installments to the story which are all available in Ryan & Sean: The Complete Saga

My favourite part of the book was the Warning…….Explicit Gay Sex Ahead. But I’m guessing that’s partly why you bought this ebook, isn’t it? J – very cute!

A copy of this book was provided by the author via Netgalley in return for an honest review.


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