☊☊☊ The Adrien English series – books 2, 3 and 4 – on audio ☊☊☊

A brilliant series and audio book – highly recommended!

The Adrien English series:

  • Fatal Shadows (book #1) – click here for review
  • A Dangerous Thing (book #2) – in this review
  • The Hell You Say (book #3) – in this review
  • Death of  a Pirate King (book #4) – in this review
  • The Dark Tide (book #5)


A Dangerous Thing 

A Dangerous Thing by Josh Lanyon and Narrated by Chris Patton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Adrien English Mystery Series #2 Suffering from writer’s block and frustrated with his tentative relationship with hot but closeted L.A.P.D. Homicide Detective Jake Riordan, gay bookseller and mystery writer Adrien English travels to northern California where he finds a body in his front drive. By the time the sheriffs arrive, the body has disappeared, and Adrien once again finds himself playing amateur sleuth. But when the game turns deadly, Adrien turns to Jake. Jake may be confused about some things, but keeping his lover alive is not one of them–no matter what the cost.

So what did I think?

“Aren’t you the guy who told me a cop’s gut instinct is one of his best tools?”
“You’re not a cop, baby. You’re a bookseller. You don’t have a gut instinct. You have knack for nearly getting yourself killed.”

I love the blend of quick wit and humour with the intrigue of the murder mystery. But as good as the mystery is, of course I’m really only reading to see to the evolution of the relationship between Adrien and Jake.

I adore Adrien! He’s the sort of guy I would love to have as a friend and as a friend, I want him to be happy. His admission (to himself) of love for Jake is painful because we know loving Jake won’t be easy. Oh, but the first kiss with Jake – just beautiful!

I have been continuing to ‘read’ this series by listening to the audio version……Chris Patton does a stellar job of narrating this series. I loved the way he voiced Adrien – his inflection, his tone, the quality of his voice – and the sexy, gruffness of Jake is perfect!


The Hell You Say

The Hell You Say
by Josh Lanyon and Narrated by Chris Patton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

After bookstore clerk Angus flees following terrifying death threats, owner Adrien must contend with a mysterious Satanic cult, a hot and handsome university professor, and his on-again/off-again relationship with closeted LAPD Homicide Detective Jake Riordan.

So what did I think?

As usual, this series continues to impress!

Definitely a good book in the series, made so because of the character of Adrien English. There is lots and lots of humour and witty comments – Adrien is the king of the fast comeback!

It’s a thriller mystery although with a little less action than previous books and Adrien doesn’t seem to be getting himself into so much direct trouble. There is lots of sleuthing as he tries to help his bookshop assistant who is part of a cult and accused of a crime Adrien doesn’t think he committed.

At first I wondered why Adrien was so passionate about getting involved but I think his nature didn’t give him any choice! As a writer of mysteries he doesn’t have it in him just to sit back and not follow the clues.

Jake only makes a minimal appearance in this book. I would have like there to be more on-page Jake although he was an asshole!

All in all – a great book, a mystery not a romance. The ending was a little bit fast and sudden but luckily there was another book for me to launch straight into!

The narration captures the essence of Adrien. The other characters are voiced well too – Guy, with his slight British accent and Lisa.

Death of a Pirate King

Death of a Pirate King
by Josh Lanyon and Narrated by Chris Patton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Gay bookseller and reluctant amateur sleuth Adrien English’s writing career is suddenly taking off. His first novel, Murder Will Out, has been optioned by notorious Hollywood actor Paul Kane.

But when murder makes an appearance at a dinner party, who should be called in but Adrien’s former lover, handsome closeted detective Jake Riordan, now a Lieutenant with LAPD — which may just drive Adrien’s new boyfriend, sexy UCLA professor Guy Snowden, to commit a murder of his own.

So what did I think?

Of course I was going to love this book because I love the series!

As with the other books it is a perfect blend of intriguing plot,lots of witty humour and wonderful characters.

The mystery was interesting as Adrien starts to mix with some Hollywood types and celebrities. The mystery takes up more page time than the relationship between Adrien and Jake but the relationship somehow still seems integral to the book.

The author wonderfully conveys so much about Jake and Adrien without necessarily using words. Every look nad action tells so much about their feelings. The relationship between Jake and Adrien just seems so honest and real, despite the secrets and all the thing unsaid. It seems so natural for them to be together despite the other people in their lives.

One more book to go! Please, please, please give me the perfect ending for Adrien and Jake!

Once again, as with earlier books in the series, I listened to this one via audio book and can’t speak highly enough of the narrator – brilliant!


To find out more about Josh Lanyon and his books visit his website.

Buy the series from Amazon.


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