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The EMS Heat Series by Stephanie Hecht

 Each book is short and sweet – little bite-sized stories when you want to pick up something quick to read (I read each one in one sitting).

This is one of those series (previously called St Michael’s) that centres on a group of men who work in emergency services. It is a glorious combination of EMTs, firemen, nurses, doctors…

Each book is relatively short (<100 pages)  and make the perfect quick read when you want something short but enjoyable. For such serious topics, there isn’t a lot of time to delve into each story in depth but there is just enough heartache and working through issues to reach a happy ending. Okay, so most seem a little unrealistic – love at first sight, overcoming issues quickly and even the over-abundance of gay guys in the town – but I read this series for a light enjoyment so didn’t mind a bit!

You can read the blurb to find out more about each story so I have included a little quote from each book to give a sense of the style…


#1 Running Hot “Running to him, Calvin threw his arms around James and pulled him into a rib-crushing hug. They had a huge audience, but he didn’t give a damn.”

#2 Man Down “I told myself I couldn’t get close to you because I didn’t want any complications in my life. That I didn’t have time for a relationship because of school and stuff. The truth is, I didn’t want to grow attached to you because I can’t stand to lose someone else who I care about.”

#3 Lights and Sirens “Unlike Gary, Matt happened to be good looking on the inside too.”

#4 Priority One “This was it. Finally Dylan would be able to know what it felt like to be with another man. After tonight, there’d be no more lingering doubts. No more false hopes that maybe he’d been wrong all along and wasn’t gay and could make things right back home. If he did this, actually went through with it, these would be no question of what he was. “

#5 Code Blue “He wondered how this little brat had managed to mean so much to him in just the span of a day.”

#6 Red Lights and Silver Bells “Kaleb gaped at him in shock. Even after all these months of having to deal with Dylan’s insecurities, it still shocked Kaleb every time he realized just how little his lover thought of himself. If it was anyone who could have their pick of men, it was Dylan.”

#7 High Flow “Since he’d gotten away with touching him earlier, Patrick allowed himself to reach out and cup Forrest’s face. When the younger man briefly closed his eyes and turned into the touch, a thrill of victory went through Patrick. That’s it, babe, open up to me. It’s safe, I promise. Since he knew it was too early to speak those words aloud, Patrick simply went with, “I want you because you’re Forrest. I wouldn’t change a thing about you because you’re perfect the way you are”

#8 Three-Alarm Fire “Why it’s so easy to tell you things that I could never share with anyone else. It’s because you know what it’s like to be hurt by someone you love. You understand me in ways that nobody else could.”

#9 Shades of the Past “As Kiefer’s body seemed to mold into his side, Ray became aware of two things. One, that Kiefer made for a perfect fit. Second came the startling realization that Ray would do anything to protect the medic from being hurt again.”

#10 In His Hero’s Shadow “I don’t want to get hurt,” Brody finally admitted. “I know I’m not good enough for you and that it will only be a matter of time before you figure that out for yourself and dump me.”

#11 Life Over Limb “Nah, he was just being nice. There is no way in hell a guy that good-looking could be interested in me.”

#12 FUBAR “The victim finally looked up and Danny sucked in a breath as he found himself instantly attracted to the other man. Damn it though, he knew he shouldn’t be having that reaction, after all, this guy barely avoided being viciously attacked. The last thing he needed was his would-be rescuer drooling over him.”

#13 Status Dramaticus “Are you even listening to me?” Ah, no. I was too busy drooling over you and imagining how it would feel to have you fuck me into the mattress.

#14 Tagged and Bagged ”The good think about Housten being asleep, aside from the fact his mouth was shut, was that he wasn’t aware of how sappy Rich was being. And Rich was being sappy with a capital S.”

#15 Blamestorming “Intrigued because I’m gay and working in such an alpha dominated field, or because you’re interested in me for something more than a friend?”

#16 Circling the Drain ”Would you think I sound young and dorky if I said that if I wasn’t careful I could fall in love with you?”

#17 STAT “For some reason, Wells felt a flash of jealously over Jaret being so close to another man. Which was crazy. He and Jaret weren’t even friends, much less in a relationship.”

#18 City of Fire “Awww….you better watch it, people will say we’re in love.” “I see that you’ve been watching Oklahoma again.” “What can I say, I’m just a guy who can’t say no.”

3 Stars


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