★★★★ Track Limits by M.A. Ford ★★★★

Track LimitsTrack Limits by M.A. Ford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Is motorsport ready for a gay driver?

As the opening race in the Global GT Challenge approaches, lead driver Mark Hunter struggles to regain his confidence after Randolph Racing’s last disastrous season. Mark hesitates when owner Randy says he’s found the perfect replacement for their arrogant previous teammate, Brad Wilkins. Former single-seater star Jordan Matthews is excited to join the crew and ready to put past troubles behind him.

Trust builds as Mark and Jordan become a fine-tuned team for the number 17 Saleen, earning a podium in Abu Dhabi at the season opener. Their friendship develops into more as they continue to earn prestige for Randolph Racing. But their success sparks jealousy, and people from their pasts threaten vengeance. Jordan is reluctant to ruin his fresh start in racing by exposing the secrets that almost cost him his career ten years ago. If he can’t take the risk, he’ll never realize his dream of kissing Mark on the winner’s podium.

So What Did I Think?

When I read MA Ford’s bio, I wasn’t surprised to see she has a background in the world of motorsport. It sure comes across in her writing. There is a real sense of the life in the sport and what being part of GT racing is all about. At first I was very nervous, the story stating with a glossary of motorsport terminology – and there was a lot! – and then a brief history of GT racing in Europe. I almost lost my desire to read the book before it has really even started. Luckily I kept going!

After the glossary and the history, the story starts and it starts in a quite unique way. First a press release and then a internal note to the teams and drivers, welcoming them to the season and issuing instructions. Different but interesting.

This is the story of the team leader Mark and his new co-driver Jordan. Mark made a choice, many years ago, to deny his true sexuality and choose a path which includes girlfriend Sally. Jordan is closeted and had a Formula 1 career cut short by a sexual relationship with another driver that went wrong.

A strong friendship develops between the men. For Jordan it is instant attraction and even more, for Mark it takes a little longer to admit it is more than friendship.

Lots of drama with race scenes, and rage on the track, as the budding relationship between Jordan and Mark is tested. This is a story of facing the truth about a relationship and taking steps to not live in fear or allow others to dictate how you live your life.

I liked the way Sally wasn’t written to be a complete bitch, I liked the fulfillment of Jordan’s podium dream (although I wanted the big reveal to have more drama and thought there was a bit of lost opportunity due to where/how it happened  – yes, I’m a softy for big, elaborate public declarations of love and coming out scenes) and I liked the characters of both Jordan and Matt. They are just all round nice guys.

The main down side of the story was the lack of on page sex.
“Come on.” Jordan muttered as they quickly removed their clothes. It was all so new, so unfamiliar, and yet seemed so absolutely right.
Afterward, Mark stretched out on one of the narrow beds…….”

The guys sort of started and then there was fade to black. I definitely wanted more on-page action! It felt like a real tease!


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