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The Ellery Mountain Series


The Agent and the Model (Ellery Mountain #7)The Agent and the Model by R.J. Scott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Mikey’s story.

Michael is returning to Ellery Mountain after six years away with only sporadic and short visits to his nan. He has nightmares even now about what happened to him in the park and doesn’t feel safe in the small Tennessee town. In fact he feels safer in the big city.

His infuriating agent, and ex, Alex, is friends with the actor Jason McInnery and hitches a ride down to Ellery with Michael for a party and an extended stay with his friend.

Michael can’t even look at Alex, let alone spend time with him. Not after an attack in Paris left him vulnerable and scared and it was all Alex’s fault.

So what did I think?

The Ellery Mountain series consistently delivers, each book emotional and heartwarming. I have enjoyed each of the pairings and loved all the characters, from the very first book to this, the seventh in the series.

This is the story of Mikey, now all grown up, a successful model who no longer lives in Ellery, instead Michael (as he is now called) travels the world modelling for designer labels, only returning to town infrequently. He has found success, fame and fortune but he is still haunted by the attack on his life six years before.

Recent events have further shaken Michael and he finds himself with some choices to make. His contract is up for renewal and he needs to decide what his future holds – more modelling or a return to study? He is also running from Alex, his agent and the man he had started to fall in love with. Michael returns to his Nan and friends in Ellery while he makes some decisions. Luckily Alex is a determined man and isn’t going to give up on Michael and visiting his friend Jason (the actor and old client) gives him reason to stay in Ellery.

I must admit that I found Michael’s response to Alex’s actions in Paris frustrating – obviously he was still severely traumatised by his original attack, otherwise he was totally overreacting – one of those situation’s where you just want to shake the character and make them listen to what the other character has to say!

This book gives opportunity for the men of Ellery to help Mikey overcome his fears and put his past behind him. It is a story of friendship and support and healing. There are some warm and emotional moments, some romantic moments (one of the couples has some big news) and happy endings all round.

Best line from the book……

“Ellery is like some kind of hot bed for gay men, and I’m sure Jason will be able to hook me up.”

Most amusing….picturing two grown men with overnight bags, two wheeled cases and a dog, traveling for hours in a Porsche – the boot (trunk) and interior space must be a lot bigger than I remember!

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for my honest review


To find out more about R.J. Scott and her books, visit her website.

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