52 First Dates: Seeing Double release and Competition!

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Book 1: The Man PLAN

Book 2: Friends and FRENCHMEN

Book 3: Seeing Double


The Man Plan (52 First Dates, #1)The Man Plan

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Now that David’s heading towards his mid-30s, he’s finally realised that it’s time to find a husband. But with so many men and so little time, he realises he’s going to have to be strategic if he’s ever to find his soulmate.

Thus, 52 First Dates is formed; a challenge, a scheme, to go on a date with a new man, every week, for a year. If it pays off, he’ll be in marital bliss. If it doesn’t, he’ll know that he’s fated with being the eternal bachelor. With everything to live for, David plunges into the world of dating in search of the perfect man.

So what did I think?

“When I turned 30 I realised that if I wasn’t to live my life as a bachelor, it was about time to go on a man hunt.”

This was cute and well written for a light story. I loved the main character, really liked the secondary characters and thoroughly enjoyed the hooks up and the level of sex.

According to the blurb this series is based on the real life experience of the author so I’m really intrigued to find out how it all turned out!
Did he have lots of fun on his journey (a date a week for a year and following all those rules) and did he ultimately find success?

It  was too short (or maybe 37 pages is just right for a quick read) because I wanted more but it definitely  hooked me into reading the next episode!


Friends and FRENCHMEN (52 First Dates, #2)Friends and FRENCHMEN by A. Lusch

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

With David in his mid-30’s, it’s time to get serious about finding a husband. Too many men and not enough time, mean he’s embarked on the challenge of a lifetime; to date a new man every week for a year until he finds THE ONE.

With one date out the way, and many more to come, David’s realising there’s a reason it’s so hard to find a soulmate. And, with friends, lovers and lust getting in the way, finding a husband might be harder than he thought.

So what did I think?

“Sometimes I wonder why I bother. You go on a great date, snog a guy’s face off, make all the promises in the world that you’re going to see each other again and then….nothing.”

David continues on his man hunt. He has one date with sexy but ‘no spark’ Nitish. And as he talks of decapitated chickens, it is so amusing to watch David realise that maybe there is some benefit to getting to know someone a little bit before meeting them and not just relying on a photo!

It’s a short story but packs in a bit – along with David’s dates and browsing of hook-up apps, he spends time with friend Jess (who I just adore) and has to deal with numerous other events in his life.

As with the first book, I found the ending a little unsatisfying – it’s all over too quickly and I feel like I should be turning the page and starting the next chapter. But I guess that is the nature of the serial type story.


Seeing DOUBLE (52 First Dates, #3)Seeing DOUBLE by A. Lusch

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

The man-hunt is under way, and David’s keen to a snag a husband without having to complete every date of his 52 First Dates challenge. With several successful meets behind him, there’s a growing feeling of confidence that his search could actually work. But now that the novelty’s worn off, finding the motivation to keep going is about to become harder.

David finds himself trying to juggle meeting new men and providing a shoulder to cry on his to battered and pregnant friends. And, with a plethora of hotties vying for his attention, things are about to get more complicated.

So what did I think?

I don’t know how David keeps up with all the men coming into and out of his life!

In this installment, which starts smack bang in the middle of a sex scene, David hooks up with a couple of guys while maintaining contact with other men he has connected with over recent weeks.

It’s hot and sexy but short. I’m starting to get the ‘dates’ mixed up and I’m glad I read the first three episodes in the series pretty much back-to-back – too long a gap between stories would make it harder to keep up with who’s who. Which leads me to wonder how long we have to wait for the next episode.

I’m rating this 3.5. I really like the writing style, I like the characters of David and his friend Jess and the sex scenes are pretty hot. I am enjoying the story but somehow want more from each book. I feel like I’m reading a couple of chapters of a longer book and then left hanging with nothing really resolved, the chapter just finishing. I think I’m possibly too much of an impatient person to read series – in the past I have waited until the last book is released so I could read all in one go. I think this might just be the case here and my rating for the series overall would be higher than for just one book.


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About the author
A. Lusch lives in London and has been though much of the same path as David – in fact – this series is based around true events.
Of course, there is MUCH more to come in the tale, but, don’t worry, now the scene is set, there’ll be many more dates per book. Is there a happy ending in sight? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.
A. Lusch fully believes in never settling, always striving for the perfect match, and never giving up on your man once you’ve found him – oh, and eating A LOT of donuts!
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52 First Dates – Boxed Set
The boxed set contains all three books already released in the series, The Man PLAN, Friends and FRENCHMEN, and Seeing DOUBLE.

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