Books 7 & 8 of The Men of Riverside series by Serena Yates

Men of Riverside explores the lives of a group of men who all share a high school in the fictional town of Riverside, Texas. Not all of them know they are destined to be couples. Some of them believe they are only friends.

Circumstances and life separate them, sometimes for several years. But luck, determination and love will help them get the reunions they deserve.

Reading Order:

  • Finding Elliot (book #1) 
  • Rediscovering Adrian (book #2) 
  • Understanding Mark (book #3)
  • Saving Zeke (book #4) 
  • Forgiving Jason (book #5)
  • Loving Vincent (book #6)
  • Convincing Landon (book #7)  – in this review
  • Helping Harry (book #8) – in this review


Convincing Landon (Men of Riverside, #7)Convincing Landon by Serena Yates

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Afraid of being openly gay, Landon rejected Kendall after a brief affair. Will they be able to make a fresh start when chance reunites them years later?

Landon Tully is a social worker who only returned to Riverside for his father’s funeral. But when a job opportunity opens up, he decides to stay for a while. Within days he runs into Kendall Gable, the man he’d thought was too young for him eight years ago – only now Kendall is all grown up and on the opposite side of a bidding contest for the land Landon has been asked to obtain to build a homeless shelter.

Kendall has made a life for himself as an architect. Focusing on work has helped him fill the hole in his life that Landon left behind. Running into him is painful, but helps him realise some of the issues in his professional life need fixing.

Will Kendall be able to convince himself, and Landon, that they deserve a life together after all?

So what did I think?

This was a really nice addition to the series. There are some hot moments of sizzling sex but really this is about more. Landon has sacrificed a lot of his dreams, firstly to protect and look after his younger brother and secondly to protect his career as a social worker (yes, he really is a nice guy!).

The story covers a number of years providing some little snippets of Landon’s early years and family life, his first meeting with Kendall and his subsequent contact with the man years later. Although young and inexperienced, Kendall is very forward thankfully! But things don’t end well and it isn’t until even more years have passed that the men finally get their chance together.

There’s a bit of a morale with the corporate giant versus the good guy charity in the story. The resolution is a bit quick but really, who cares as long as it is a happy ending, right?

3.5 stars because I was just in the mood for a sweet quick read!

Helping Harry (Men of Riverside, #8)Helping Harry by Serena Yates

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Tim’s attraction to his friend Harry flares up once again when they run into each other at their ten-year reunion, but will it be enough to build the lasting relationship they’ve both longed for?

Tim Jacobi, who owns and runs his parent’s car dealership, is professionally successful but lonely. When his high school reunion brings his best friend Harry back to Riverside after a ten-year separation, he realises he is still attracted to him. And this time around, he can admit it to himself.

Harry can’t believe the strong feelings his best friend awakens in him. Despite being afraid of rejection, he opens up and tells him the truth about the intervening years—why he is now divorced and has sole custody of his two children.

When Harry’s ex-wife reappears—demanding not only visitation rights, but threatening to sue for custody—Tim find himself facing more obstacles than he’d expected. Will he run for cover or help Harry get the relationship and life he has always wanted?

So what did I think?

The strength in this story was the inclusion of children in a realistic way. I liked the consideration given to the children as Harry and Tim’s relationship blossomed! I particularly liked the children’s easy acceptance of Tim in their lives and the innocent, honest reaction to his skin color.

This is the story of Harry, compelled to marry Lisa when he gets her pregnant, and the choices he makes when the relationship with his wife disintegrates. He is a tower of strength, fighting for what’s best for his children when faced with her alcoholism. When Harry returned to Riverside for his school reunion, I was just rooting for him to find some happiness at last and build a family for his kids.

We get a little peak at the lovely gay men we’ve met in Riverside in the series of books up until now although I must admit that all the couples and relationships – friends, brothers, lovers – started to get a bit confusing causing me to stop and ask ‘who’s he with again?” 🙂

Love, support, family, sex and a nice happy ending!


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