★★★★★ Shiny! by Amy Lane ★★★★★

Shiny!Shiny! by Amy Lane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Will Lafferty and Kenny Scalia are both having sort of a day. Will gets fired for letting fifth graders read Harry Potter, and Kenny finds his boyfriend and his sex toys in bed with a complete stranger. When Will knocks over Kenny’s trash can—and strews Kenny’s personal business all over the street—it feels like the perfect craptastic climax to the sewage of suckage that has rained down on them both.

But ever-friendly, ever-kind Will asks snarky Kenny out for a beer—God knows they both need one—and two amazing things occur: Kenny discovers talking to Will might be the best form of intercourse ever, and Will discovers he’s gay.

Their unlikely friendship seems like the perfect platonic match until Will reveals how very much more he’s been feeling for Kenny almost since the beginning. But Kenny’s worried. Will’s new-found sexuality is bright and glittery and shiny, but what happens when that wears off? Is Will’s infatuation with Kenny strong enough to stay real?(

So what did I think?

So much fun! I adored the whole story from the beginning right through to the very last page. Wonderful characters, some great lines and a unique way of telling the story of Will and Kenny.

I loved the way the story of how Will and Kenny met, moved first to friends and then to lovers, was woven through the book as they tell the story to friends at a family wedding.

There was something about Will that I found particularly appealing but Kenny was gorgeous too and I just loved seeing them together!

The tone of the book was really set from the moment they meet each other over the spilled contents of Kenny’s garbage bin – and oh my, what contents!

Here are a couple of my favourite lines from the book….

“You don’t look gay,” Joey said suspiciously.
Will blinked. Well, that was new. “Maybe I’m just really, really happy inside,” Will responded with a bright smile.”

“You’re gay!” she shrilled, and he pulled the phone away from his ear. “How in the hell do you know you’re gay?”
He smiled a little to himself. It was sort of private information, but he figured he owed her a little after the last four months. “Because when I look at pictures of naked men, my penis goes off like a roman candle,” he said frankly, and that was when she hung up.”


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