Love and Salvage: Eli’s Three Wishes

Love and Salvage:

  • Loving Emmett – book #1 – click here for review
  • Eli’s Three Wishes book #2 – in this review
  • Halestormbook #3 – review pending


Love and Salvage: Eli's Three WishesLove and Salvage: Eli’s Three Wishes by Mathew Ortiz

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Eli Gaither was a big, rough, mean sumabitch of a man. Solitary by choice, he only attended Gaither family events when he was made to. Still hurting from a painful divorce, he was like an angry bear licking his wounds. Most people, save for his family, avoided him until Oscar Hernandez came into his life, yelling at him and turning his world upside down.
Okay, maybe he was plain loco for hitting on the grizzly bear of a man in front of him but he couldn’t help it. The man was so freaking hot. But Oscar was not about to let this man tell him what to do and how to think. If Eli Gaither thought him a shrinking violet, he had another thing coming. Oscar was used to getting his way, so Eli was in for the ride of his life with the hot blooded Latin man.

So what did I think?

The thing that made this story most appealing to me was the character of Eli and also his son Robbie. The story was a nice combination of Eli’s romance with Oscar with some super hot sex but also had some nice family elements particularly when he has to start looking after son. Robbie ends up on Eli’s doorstep after he comes out as being gay and runs away from his mother’s home.

My favorite line in the book was the following Oscar’s ‘sleepover’ at Eli’s house when Oscar wanders out into the kitchen the following morning.

A young blonde man tilted his head smirked at me. Taking a sip of his coffee the guy crossed his pajama clad legs. Looking over the lip of his coffee cup you asked mildly open, so… “Are you going to be my new Mommy?”
Well Fuck!

The story has some peaks at the Gaither family including Emmett and Alex which I liked. I always enjoy a series that continues the journey of the original couple.

Now for the part that really had me stumped. What was it with the epilogue? Absolutely came from left field and unless I missed something through the story (which I may well have done) totally threw me as I was unprepared and really surprised. I am now definitely intrigued to know what the next story is going to bring due to this big twist at the end!

I was going to rate this book 3 but have pulled it up to 3.5 due to the intriguing twist!

A copy of this book was provided by the author in return for my honest review.


To find out more about Mathew Ortiz and his books visit his Goodreads Profile Page.

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