BLOG TOUR: Hooked Up by Parker James


A body-builder working for a cable company, Shay Masterson, gets sent out on a trouble call to discover who’s pirating the company’s signal. He not-too-gently meets Jagger.
Jagger Holmes, a muscled, bad boy bounty hunter, comes home to manage his elderly father’s recovery after an accident. He discovers someone trespassing in his dad’s back yard and jumps the man. The contact results in sexual heat that’s a game changer.
Two major conflicts brew—how to catch the con man bilking the elderly by selling stolen cable and, more importantly, how two tough guys come to terms with the need to dominate.
Submission will be a deal breaker or a revelation. The men are forced to discover which—or lose their budding love.
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Jagger Holmes stood just over
six feet tall, all attitude and pure, rock-hard muscle. Ink covered his body,
and his walnut-brown hair hung just below shoulder length. When he rode, he’d
pull it back in a tail or a braid, but he enjoyed the freedom of it hanging
loose most of the time.
Standing at the kitchen sink
wearing well-worn jeans and a T-shirt molded to his muscular frame, Jagger took
a long pull off the energy drink he used as his replacement for coffee. His
deep brown eyes swept the room while he considered what his life had been like
before the phone call and how it compared to now. Damn! He’d loved his job as a
bounty hunter. He got to travel all around the country and kick the crap out of
people—and get paid for it. Nothing gave Jagger more pleasure than taking down
some thug or pervert who had eluded the cops—well, almost nothing. Sex topped
the list, of course. But to have a career where he got to be his own boss, got
to mix it up a little physically, and help clean the world of some of the scum
that preyed on others—it worked as his damned dream job.
Then the call came about his
Parker James is a unique, multi-variant personality who loves everything that has to do with love. Parker lives in Florida surrounded by wonderful friends, a home she remodeled herself—well, okay, paid someone to do what she wanted—and a rescued feral cat. While a published author in other areas, this is one of Parker’s first forays into M/M romantic erotica, but there are many, many more to come!
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