Less Than All by Lee Brazil

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 Less Than All

Less Than All

by Lee Brazil

The Blurb…

A youthful indiscretion leads to a humiliating encounter between Nicholas Danville and Lord Victor Ware. Nicholas returns home in disgrace, and Victor continues life in the Ton. Years later, Nicholas’s reproving parents send him to town to attain a degree of polish before he prepares for life as a member of the clergy. A chance encounter with an old friend leads to a new confrontation between Nicholas and Victor. This time, the attraction between them burns brighter, Nicholas is old enough to know his own mind, and Victor is done with self-denial. From ballrooms to gardens and opera houses, Victor sets about proving that a passionate liaison between two men is possible even under the narrow gaze of the Ton.

So what did I think?

Nicky (the brat) and Victor (the Lord) make a fabulous combination in this historical romance. It’s set in the Regency period (don’t tell anyone but I have no idea what this really means so I can’t comment at all on the accuracy of the book) but I liked the sense of time and place as captured by the author and how it reflected in the characters and dialogue.

Lord Ware lusts after his younger step-brother’s best friend, Nicholas. Nicholas has been walking a fine line, frolicking with his friends (it appears some frotting/wrestling among boys is acceptable) and lusting after the Lord – feelings Victor reciprocates. Nicky’s a younger son, destined for the clergy,and believes he and Victor don’t have a future. Victor has a responsibility to marry and provide heirs. And so begins their relationship as Victor chases and Nicky comes and runs, over and over.

I liked these two together and they sizzled in the bed (and the ballroom, and the gardens, and all the other places they grabbed a moment). I was interested by Nicky’s response to giving himself to the Lord “Be dammed to you, Ware! I’ll not yield to you on this! I have told you repeatedly that I will not allow this act. You choose to delude yourself into believing that I will.” Turns out that Nicky was the one who was deluded. 🙂

My only minor disappointment with this story was the ending. It wrapped up in a nice happy for now but I didn’t quite understand the actions of Victor’s cousin and wanted to find out more of what happens between Victor and Nicky. Maybe a sequel is in order?

3.5 stars

This book was provided by the publisher for the purpose of providing an honest review.

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