Slasherazzi by Daniel A Kaine

4.5 stars OH WOW!!!
Murder mystery, suspense, thriller, contemporary 



The blurb…

Recently promoted to Detective, Alex is out to prove himself and the Slasherazzi case is the perfect opportunity. Mutilated corpses are showing up across Tampa, and when the team discovers the newest victim was tortured alive, Alex becomes more determined than ever to stop the crazed serial killer before the horrific stabbings escalate further.

With the return of Alex’s ex-boyfriend and journalist, Vince, the investigation takes a dangerous twist: the killer starts showing a personal interest in Alex. Can he stop the murders and salvage his relationship with Vince, or does he risk letting both men get away?

So what did I think?

Let me start with the violence in this book is graphic so if you are squeamish then don’t read it; you won’t make it past the first page.

So with that said and you are still interested then by all means grab this book.  By the end I had goosebumps, when you think you’ve figured it out…BAM!

A serial killer is reeking havoc and spreading panic across Tampa and Detective Alex Beckman is determined to solve the crime and put an end to the killing spree.  But when two of the victims turn out to be people that Alex know the case becomes a little more personal.   Vince Fairfield is Alex’s on again off again boyfriend and aspiring journalist.  Over the course of their two year relationship Vince has broken trust with Alex in order to advance his own career; which is the main reason for their shaky relationship.  When Alex is removed from the case because of his connection with one of the victims he and Vince decide to try to solve it on their own.  Then things really get interesting as if they weren’t already.

The story isn’t bogged down by police procedurals which sometime can make a story loose some of it’s momentum.  I really liked that some of the story is told from the killer’s POV which gave me chills.  There were a couple of holes in the story for me but not enough to take away from my enjoyment.  There were however two things that bothered me; in one scene there is a fire in the fireplace which I found odd because the story takes place in Tampa and the characters had been referring to how hot it was…so why was the fireplace lit and who lit it? Second was that the author never really explained how the killer chose his/her victims.  I understood why the person was killing just not the why of the victim, except for the last few victims.

All I can say is by the end of the book I was like OMG that’s soooo crazy…loved it!  It’s not all murder and police chases there is plenty of smexy in this story!  This was my first story by this author so now I have to go track down anything else he has written because he seems very capable of telling a really good story.



Reviewed by Bookjunkie


A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.

To find out more about Daniel A Kaine and his books visit his website.

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