BLOG TOUR, EXCERPT and GIVEAWAY: Full Moon Torn by Jackie Nacht



Full Moon Torn

by Jackie Nacht

Publisher:  eXtasy Books

The Blurb…

With war breaking out, these two must fight harder than ever to keep from letting the worldtear them and their love apart.

Knox has been at Moon Compound for over three years. His life forever changed when his mate was brought in, injured from the cruel captivity endured at the hands of hellhounds.

Now, torn between protecting Whitley and letting him help his pack, Knox loses the battle with his wolf and turns feral.

When Whitley is summoned back to Moon Compound, he finds his beloved mate locked in a cell to protect both himself and others at the compound. He knows what to do, but isn’t sure Knox will agree to the consequences.





Knox seethed in the common area as Oren came over and sat next to him. He loved that Oren and Daegal had finally gotten their shit together and were happy, but he couldn’t stand being in this room another minute.

“How are you doing?” Oren asked.

Across the room, Knox watched as that fucker Duke was giving the small Omega, Myles, shit. Myles was one of the smallest shifters there, only five foot six and sweet, too. Yeah, that was the right word for him. Sweet, because even during his shift, the noises he would make while in pain were these little, Ow. Ow. Ow, while everyone else was screaming their fucking heads off.

“I fucking hate this. Every month, it’s the same.” Knox gritted out.

Knox watched as Duke grabbed a hold of Myles.


In an uncontrollable rage, Knox crossed the room. He was all over Duke, pounding into the Alpha, uncaring if he killed the asshole. He was thirsty to end this guy as his fists connected over and over with Duke’s face.

Shouts could be heard from a distance. Sloan, his best friend and Alpha, was there screaming at him, but he was lost. Lost to the anger, the smell of blood; he craved more.

Then, suddenly, Knox was pulled off. How dare they take him from his kill? A growl erupted deep within him and unleashed on those that interfered.

He was ready to go back at Duke when Malach came into his vision. The look of sorrow on his face had Knox baring his teeth. Malach pulled a syringe and struck him with it.

The world became fuzzy along the edges, and Knox suddenly had a little clarity. What the hell am I doing? That was his last thought before he fell into darkness.

Author Bio…

Short, sexy and sweet—where a little love goes a long way.

That’s the best way to describe Jackie Nacht’s stories. She was introduced to M/M Romance through her sister, Stephani, and read it for years. Then, she thought it was time to put her own stories on paper. Jackie began writing short and sweet stories that ended with a happily ever after.

Thinking back to her own book addiction, where there were many nights she stayed up way too late so she could read just one more chapter—yeah, right—Jackie decided to write short romances for young adults as well as adults. Hopefully, they will give high school and college students or working men and women something they can read during their lunch hour, in between classes or just when they want to briefly get away from the daily stresses of everyday life.

You can find Jackie on Facebook, Twitter and at her webpage.

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BLOG TOUR, EXCERPT, INTERVIEW and GIVEAWAY: Forbidden Mate by Toni Griffin

 Today we welcome Toni Griffin on her blog tour for Forbidden Mate.


Forbidden Mate

by Toni Griffin

Publisher:  Mischief Corner Books

Cover Artist: Meredith Russell


It’s lovely to speak to a fellow Aussie. What special qualities does being Australian, and the Australian setting, bring to your books? 

Thank you for having me today, I love chatting with fellow Aussies. As for my work, well let’s see here… There’s a whole lot of miss spelled words, a whole lot of unknown words and sayings and expressions a lot of my readers have never heard before. Not to mention the misunderstandings of words meaning completely different things in different countries. LOL

All that aside though I think it brings something a little different to my stories. I’m constantly getting emails from my readers telling me how much they love reading my books and the fact they are set in Australia. We really do have a very beautiful and diverse country here, and I’m trying my best to cover it all. So far the only two states I am yet to set a story/series in is South Australia and the ACT. Hopefully in time that will change.

Are there challenges faced by setting your stories in Australia?

Oh yeah. As I mentioned above, because my stories are set here, I use Australian English and slang. This means there are occasionally things I write that my international readers don’t know the meaning of. I try my best to explain everything, but it’s natural for me and I can’t easily fathom the idea that other people don’t know what in the world I’m talking about.

For example, I was chatting with some friends in the States a while ago. It was very cold and I was laughing and telling them I was here in Darwin in shorts and a singlet. They had no idea what a singlet it. That’s just something I take for granted I grew up with the word, but in the states it’s roughly equivalent to a tank top. I was completely floored that they had no idea what I was talking about.

Things like boot/trunk, bench/counter, lounge room/living room. There are so many little things that you wouldn’t think about unless you’re made to. I only have one series set outside Australia and there’s a reason for that… I write like a talk, and trying to adjust that to be USA speak is practically impossible for me.

You’ve been on a huge journey to expand and republish the Holland Brothers series.  Is this the end or can we expect more?

It’s been a massive undertaking to expand these four books. All up the four stories have increased in word count by roughly 110k. Forbidden Mate was my largest word count increase changing from 35k to 82k, that’s a whole lot of extra story.

I still have A Very Holland Christmas that I need to re publish, whether this will change much or not is yet to be seen.

I think I need to take a step back from my Holland boys and concentrate on something else for a little bit. They’ve taken up a great deal of my time over the last year with the re writes and I can’t tell you how glad I am they’re all done. I’m so happy with the way all four stories have turned out and the reader’s responses to the first three have been incredible.

 The boys are by no means done, I will be going back and visiting with them from time to time, whether this is for a blog post to check in or for a themed story, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Because our blog is all about Two Men: If you could pick two well-known (preferably Aussie) men to pair together, to make your ideal sexy couple, who would you choose? 

Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman. (No matter how old he is, he’s hot as hell!) Can I throw in a little Eric Banner as well? Please?

Thank you for having me today.

It’s been a pleasure.

Forbidden Mate 400x600

The Blurb…

Finding his mate should have been Patrick Holland’s greatest day, instead it turned into a nightmare with one phone call. His mate didn’t want him. His heart broke, but at sixteen he was too young to do anything. The next ten years—ten long years— of Patrick’s life are spent at odds with his mate. Split by forces he can’t comprehend and a long line of misunderstandings, Patrick doubts he’ll ever get the man he’s both loved and hated. Jake Richmond never expected to come home from Uni to find the youngest Holland brother was his mate. Knowing the news might uplift his still grieving father, Jake shares the news only to have his young mate threatened. Jake does the only thing he can think of, protect Patrick. The next ten years are nothing but torture for Jake as he watches his mate grow into a remarkable young man. They say time heals all wounds, but how much time?


Jake got in his car and drove to the pack running grounds. He had excess energy to burn, and his wolf was demanding to be let out. His was the only car in the car park as he pulled up and got out. Jake stripped where he was, as there was no one else around, and walked into the bush. He shifted, then ran. Several hours later, his thoughts were still stuck on the fact that Patrick Holland was his mate, his very young and inexperienced mate.
The idea of being Patrick’s only lover brought forth a howl of possessiveness. He loved the fact that no other man would ever get the opportunity to touch his mate. Now that he knew exactly who Patrick was to him, it was going to kill Jake not to be near him. Jake had to talk to his father and let him know he’d found his mate, even if he couldn’t claim Patrick yet.
Exhausted after his run, Jake took his time making his way back to his dad’s house.
His mum had died several years before, which had just left Jake and his dad. Jake had never been especially close to his dad, his mum being the one that had held the family together. His parents had been a mated pair. Jake knew his father had loved his mother deeply, they had been very happy together.
Jake unlocked the door and made his way through the house to his old room. He didn’t see the point of having his own place when he was only here for a couple of weeks. He was thankful now that he was staying with his father, even if they didn’t get along great, because if he had his own space, the temptation to have Patrick with him would be great.
He stripped his clothes once again and headed for the bathroom. Jake stopped to look in the mirror. He knew it was silly, but if Patrick liked him with stubble, then he would keep it. He would have to buy a shaver to keep it to the length he wanted as he didn’t want to be sporting a full beard. That look wouldn’t suit him at all, he didn’t think.
Turning the water on to heat up, Jake palmed his still hard cock and watched as a bead of precum appeared at the tip. Jake stepped into the water and hissed as the hard spray hit his aching shaft. Now he could finally do something about it.
He grabbed the conditioner from the shelf and squirted a generous amount in his hand, then wrapped his fist around his dick and squeezed hard. Jake moaned as lightning bolts of arousal shot through his body. His thoughts were firmly back on Patrick wrapped around his body as their mouths met in a spine-melting kiss.
Jake increased his speed, knowing he wouldn’t last long. He had been on edge for hours. Remembering the feeling of Patrick’s hard shaft rubbing against his own sent Jake careening over the edge. His mate’s name escaped his lips at the exact moment of ecstasy as his prick erupted with streams of cum. Jake placed his palm against the wall as he attempted to keep his legs from buckling beneath him as the last shudders of his orgasm left his body.
Once Jake was sure he could stand without his legs giving way, he quickly washed his body and stepped out of the shower. He dried himself, then made his way back to his room. Jake collapsed facedown on his bed and succumbed to the exhaustion that swept through his body.

Jake startled awake several hours later as the front door slammed shut. His dad was home, and it didn’t sound like he was in a good mood. Every time Jake came home from school, his father had more and more mood swings. Jake wondered how his father would take the news that he had a male mate.
He hoped the news would bring his father some joy; after all, the man knew exactly what it was like to be mated. It might be a bit of a shock who Jake’s mate was, however, Alex had come out several years ago and his dad had told him to each his own. This gave Jake hope his father would be fine with his own sexuality. He had never really thought about coming out himself as Jake enjoyed a well-rounded sex life.
Patrick had agreed not to mention their mating to anyone, but Jake wanted to ask his father to keep an eye on his mate until he could finish uni and get back here permanently.
Jake dressed in silence and made his way down the hall, looking for his dad.
He found him in the living room sitting in his favourite chair watching the news. “Hey, Dad, bad day at the office?”
“Yeah, you could say that. Pizza for dinner okay?” Arthur Richmond was a large man, with thick black hair and wide shoulders. He had sharp cheekbones, and his five o’clock shadow was as dark as the hair on his head. He was also one of the more powerful wolves in their pack.
“That’s fine, you want me to order?” Jake took the nod as assent and went to get the phone. He placed their order for pizza and then joined his father. He wanted to give his dad time to relax, so Jake decided to wait until after they’d eaten to bring up his new discovery.
Jake watched the television with his dad until the doorbell rang. He paid for their dinner, grabbed a couple of plates and went back to the living room. They ate in silence until the entire pizza was gone.
Once Jake was sure his dad had relaxed enough, he gathered his courage and turned to face his father. “Dad, can we talk?”
His father muted the television before he adjusted his position in his seat to face Jake. They were catty-corner to each other with Jake sitting on the couch. “How’s school going?” About the only thing his father was proud of Jake for was becoming a lawyer.
“Fine, Dad, school’s good. It’s a lot of information to take in, but I’m doing well.” Jake looked his father in the eye. “That’s not what I want to talk to you about, though.” He really hoped this went well. Jake wanted to be able to ask his father to keep an eye on Patrick when he had to go back to classes.
His dad looked a little shocked, but his expression still showed love and acceptance of whatever Jake wanted to talk about. “Okay, then, what is it?”
Jake sucked in a deep breath, then let it out. It was like ripping off a Band-Aid. “I found my mate.” Okay, so maybe not quite like ripping off a Band-Aid.
His dad’s expression showed nothing but joy. “That’s great! Where is she? Why didn’t you bring her home with you?” He was looking around as if he expected someone else to walk out from around a corner.
Jake winced at his dad’s assumption about the sex of his mate. “It’s a little more complicated than that, Dad.”
“What’s complicated? You claim her and bring her home to meet me.”
“Dad, my mate is Patrick Holland, and he’s only sixteen. That’s why it’s complicated.” Jake watched as the love and joy on his father’s face changed instantly to anger and hatred. Jake was startled at his father’s expression.
“Dad?” he queried when his father had failed to say anything for a minute or two.
“Your mate is who?” his dad screamed at him. Jake sat there shocked, not only at the sudden burst of sound in the quiet room, but also the vehemence he heard in his dad’s voice, a sound he’d never thought to hear from the man who had raised him.
“Patrick Holland, the Alpha’s youngest son.” Jake hoped that the mention of their Alpha might calm his father down, but he was mistaken.
Arthur Richmond seemed to get even angrier. “I forbid you to claim him!” his father roared as he leapt to his feet.
Shock coursed through Jake’s body as he jerked back quickly. God, he hoped he had misunderstood what his father had said. “Dad, Patrick’s only sixteen. I’ve already told him I won’t claim him, at least until after I finish school.”
All Jake’s hopes died when his father’s next words registered. “I don’t care how old the kid is,” his father answered, practically biting off each word through clenched teeth. “You. Are. Not. Going. To. Claim. Him! I. Forbid. It.”

Author Bio…

Toni Griffin lives in Darwin, the smallest of Australia’s capital cities. Born and raised in the state, she’s a Territorian through and through. Growing up Toni hated English with a passion (as her editors can probably attest to) and found her strength lies with numbers. Now, though, she loves escaping to the worlds she creates and hopes to continue to do so for many years to come. She’s a single mother of one and works full time. When she’s not writing you can just about guarantee that she will be reading one of the many MM authors she loves. Feel free to drop her a line at anytime.

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★★★★★ Complementary Colors by Adrienne Wilder ★★★★★

Bookjunkie gave 4.5 stars to this book which is one for readers who enjoy dark romance.

Complementary Colors

The Blurb…

My sister Julia manipulated my life into a prison to keep me silent about our dirty family secret. Her greed made me a slave and circumstance left me with no way to escape.

Trapped, the only way I could silence the nightmares driving me to insanity was to wrap them in color, hold them with shadow, and stitch them to negative space with line.

But no matter how bright the pigments, no one could see my confession.

Except for Roy Callahan.

I thought he was just another nameless one-night stand in a long line of many.
But I was wrong. Roy could see past the façade of my life and through the veil color over the canvas. He could see what the world couldn’t.

And with him I’d find the courage to tell the truth about the boy.

The boy who kissed me.
The boy who loved me.
The boy whose name I couldn’t remember.

So what did I think?

The devil took the female form and called himself Julia.

Not you typical m/m romance story and not for the faint at heart.  This book left me emotionally wrung out!  Which I kind of enjoyed, not every romance has to be nice and neat with a happy ending this story was messy and anguished; but don’t fret there is a happy ending.  Which I have come to find this author makes you work for your happy ending.

Paris Duvoe is an extremely successful artist who’s true paintings no one ever sees.  The people love his work and think he is a genius with a paint brush.  But they don’t see the painting under the painting where Paris pours out his pain, his fear, his suffering, his shouts for help.  Roy Calhoun sees it; he sees the painting under the painting.  He also sees the man underneath the Armani suit.  Their love is not an easy one; it is a bittersweet battle to the end.

Paris’ sister, Julia, has used him for her own personal gains most of his life; taking advantage of his mental stability and also making it worse.  Julia controls all of Paris’ life; where he goes, when he goes, and even who he sleeps with.  Paris is trapped; the verbal and physical abuse he suffers under his sister’s hand is enough to make you want to jump in the book and beat her yourself (ijs).  The emotional roller-coaster ride you take with Paris doing what he enjoys, with whom he enjoys and then seeing his sister crush all of that and him bend to her will is heartbreaking.  Roy is a rock and his love for Paris gives him strength he didn’t even know he had, to deal with his past and his sister.

I don’t want to say too much more about the story because then I’ll just be retelling it.  All I can say is if you like dark romance books with drama that’s a little bit more than “coming out” then you will enjoy this story.  Yeah I cried for Paris because it just wasn’t fair for him to have to live the way he did with the fear of reaching out for help…it’s good there are people out there like Roy who will reach in and help anyway.  I’m not sure what else I can say about this book if you like The Darker Side of Trey Grey you most likely will enjoy this story too.

If you have issues with drugs or dubious con then you might not want to read this story.

4.5 stars

A copy of this book was provided by the author in return for an honest review.

Reviewed by Bookjunkie

About the author

To find out more about Adrienne Wilder and her books, visit her website.

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BLOG TOUR with Guest Post, Excerpt, Review and GIVEAWAY: Stealing Serenity by Tami Veldura


Today we are pleased to  welcome Tami Veldura, to share with us about her new book, Stealing Serenity,  and give us a bit of a glimpse into the character of  Daniel.

Stealing Serenity FB Cover Banner

Stealing Serenity

by Tami Veldura

Publisher:  Bottom Drawer

Book Details: Novella

Genre: Erotic MM Suspense

Stealing Serenity 600x900 72dpi

Thank you to Nic for inviting me to post! I’m here to celebrate the release of my latest book, Stealing Serenity. It’s a 25k romantic suspense about a photographer and a thief.

Daniel, the thief, is trying to steal a photograph that recently sold for millions of dollars at auction, but he doesn’t know who bought it. To find out, he goes to work for the man who owns the auction house, Kearin Gerard.

Kearin is a business owner and amateur photographer. He hires Daniel, but truthfully he wants to see him model for a new portfolio project. Below is a phonecall between Daniel and his mother after the second modeling session Daniel has with Kearin.

It is canon to the story.

A transcript of a conversation between Daniel & his mom.


Daniel: Mom, it’s me–

Mom: Oh, good! I just made the best crepes for dinner. Are you in town?

Daniel: Sorry, not this time.

Mom: That’s a shame. Your father is hoping you’ll spend the christmas holiday with us, though. Do you know if you’re free?

Daniel: Mom, it’s July. I’m not even sure what I’m doing in August.

Mom: We just miss you.

Daniel: I miss you too. Anyway, stop worrying about six months from now. I’m calling to wish you a happy birthday.

Mom: Aww, aren’t you the sweetest thing. Your father took me out for breakfast at that dimsum place I like.

Daniel: Did you have fun?

Mom: I did! Enough about me, is work keeping you busy?

Daniel: You know I can’t talk about it.

Mom: I’m not asking for government secrets. I just want to be sure you’re happy. You like what you’re doing?

Daniel: Yes. I’m having a lot of fun. There’s a good nightlife here.

Mom: Oh, have you met any cute boys?

Daniel: Mom…. Yes, I’ve met a guy, he seems to like me.

Mom: Of course he does.

Daniel: Mom–

Mom: You’re fabulous, Danny, don’t argue. When are you bringing him home?

Daniel: Ha. We’ve only been on two dates. That’s not even enough to call it a relationship.

Mom: That’s practically married–

Daniel: Mom!

Mom: You’re my only child, I can’t leave this world without walking you down the aisle.

Daniel: Your cardiologist says you have the heart of a thirty-year-ol– hey! Who said I was doing the walking? Maybe he’s walking to me!

Mom: You, pass up a chance to flaunt that figure? Hahaa!

Daniel: I don’t flaunt.

Mom: Haha! Ohhhh, I love you.

Daniel: Love you too, Mom.

Mom: Call after seven next time so you can speak with your father. Hehe. Ohh… that was good…


Daniel: …I do not flaunt.


The Blurb…

“Serenity,” a photograph worth four million dollars, was sold at auction to an anonymous bidder, and stealing it will represent the largest payday Daniel will have ever had. To make that happen, he poses as a photography curator to attract the attention of Kearin, the auction house owner.

Kearin takes Daniel under his wing to work in the non-profit branch of his business, but it’s a cover for his desire to see Daniel naked, bound, and needy for the camera. Kearin has a client interested in a very specific portfolio—filling the request would put him at the top of his field.

Daniel thinks he can use the modeling to get closer to “Serenity.” What he doesn’t expect is to fall for Kearin’s brand of intensity instead. So does he go for the photograph or Kearin’s heart? He wouldn’t call himself a master thief if he couldn’t steal both.


“Night.” With Justin’s fading footsteps, the office took on a half-asleep mood. Daniel’s computer and the warm light that seeped from Kearin’s closed office door lingered as the only signs of life. Each day this week, he stayed later: fifteen minutes here, twenty minutes there. He didn’t want to appear too eager to work into the night, but until his boss left the office, Daniel couldn’t make any progress.

Daniel checked the clock. Seven. He could push it until seven thirty.

Daniel gathered the photos and a small box of pins. The wall Justin spoke of stood bisected by Kearin’s warmly lit door. To the left hung a hundred grayscale photographs of the city. Rundown buildings, stray animals, forgotten public spaces overgrown with invasive vines, all opportunities for the charity branch of Gerard Photography to step in and help. Daniel added to the scattered images. He pinned the photographs from his handful in no specific order and placed unrelated images next to each other for bigger impact. He needed to pick another project from this wall, soon.

To the right of Kearin’s door hung the same places in the city after a completed project. Colored photos organized in perfect columns for easy browsing. Daniel carefully aligned the latest additions. To kill time, he admired some of the older photos.

He heard Kearin’s chair roll back. Daniel jumped back to pinning new photos and glanced at his watch. Seven twelve. Kearin flicked his light off and paused at the threshold of his office. Daniel had to focus on pinning a photograph—his sunflowers—or stare. No one would call Kearin particularly attractive. His nose had a bump, his chin a cleft, and he tended to neglect the need to blink. It all resulted in a look of fierce attention even at rest, and his powerful command of personal space just emphasized the impression. Kearin was not a man to take lightly. The utter opposite of a characterless employee.

Daniel felt his heart thump and repressed the sensation ruthlessly. Just because this man silently pushed all his buttons didn’t mean he could run about half-cocked on a dopamine high from proximity. He had a theft to pull off. A cover to maintain.

“Well timed, Daniel. I wanted to speak with you.” That flutter of butterflies had nothing at all to do with Kearin’s don’t-question-me deep voice. He appeared to be locking his office door, but Daniel knew that assumption could be deceiving. He set his pin back in the box and gave Kearin his full attention. “The gallery at Vault Seventeen, I was impressed with the way you organized the showing.”

Daniel felt his eyes wrinkle with pride but locked down any other sign of acknowledgement. That gallery’s entire purpose was to intrigue Kearin into offering Daniel a job here at Gerard.

“I’ve seen several of those photos before, but you offered an interpretation I hadn’t thought of, something more subtle, I think . . .” Kearin turned to face him, intense attention without filter. Like looking into the heart of a volcano. “I’d like to get your opinion on a portfolio I’m working on. There’s a certain aesthetic I’m going for, but I’ve been staring at the images too long to see it anymore. I’d like your help.”

“This is a portfolio for the business?”

“No.” Kearin’s smile held secrets. “It’s a personal project I’ve been building on for a while.”

Daniel jumped at the chance to get closer to Kearin, and not just because it opened more doors for his ultimate goal. “I’d be happy to review it.”

“Splendid. I’ll bring it in tomorrow.” Kearin put his hand on Daniel’s shoulder as he passed. “Don’t stay too late.”

Daniel inhaled the scent of spice Kearin left behind, trying to separate his desire from the sharp logic necessary for his true task: tracking down and stealing the most expensive photograph sold at auction. Four point three million dollars worth of ink on archival paper, and Gerard Photography had hosted the sale to an anonymous bidder.

Daniel took his time straightening the new column of photographs. He listened intently to Kearin’s progress down the front steps. The pause while he made it from building to parking lot. The low purr of an Audi A4 idling imperiously into traffic. He was alone. Daniel set the last image on the wall.

He closed the box of pins and felt his heart settle. His anticipation shifted from charged sexuality to professional intent. From his cheap suit’s inner pocket he pulled a pair of medically thin black gloves and a key that didn’t appear to have any teeth. He slipped the gloves up his wrists. The key he aligned in Kearin’s office lock. He swiped a stapler from Kathy’s desk and smacked the key in, bumping the lock open.

Daniel returned the stapler and took a look at the office. Two chairs, a desk, one file cabinet, curtains shading a wall-sized window. Photos peppered every vertical surface, pinned or held up with magnets. All Kearin’s work. Daniel sat at the desk first. Nothing rested on the surface. Just the computer. Daniel turned it on and investigated the file cabinet while he waited for it to boot up.

Even this was almost empty. Meticulous labels made it clear Daniel wouldn’t find any information about previous auctions here. He turned back to the computer. A password cursor blinked patiently. Daniel fished for the other device in his suit pocket: a data drive so small the connector took up more than half its length. He found a port at the back of the computer tower and plugged it in. The monitor blinked once, only briefly.

Daniel shut the computer down completely.

He set the chair back where he found it, double-checked all the drawers he opened, and quietly locked the door on his way out.

 What did I think?

I enjoyed this story, more for the intrigue and mystery, than for the romance. If I’m perfectly honest, I didn’t really feel a huge passion between the main characters of Daniel and Kearin but certainly got sucked into seeing how their relationship panned out.

The strength of the book is in the attention to detail that gave a sense of realism to Daniel’s activity as a master thief. The references to the small things–such as Daniel being aware of the presence of layers of dust showing no-one was likely to find his hidden devices–and the other information given, gave enough insight into Daniel’s profession to be interesting.

The book does have mystery and gets you thinking. Why is the painting worth so much? Where is it and who bought it? Will Daniel get caught and if so, what does this mean? There’s an interesting element introduced with Daniel’s modelling for Kearin’s very special photo collection and the suspense of what this means for Daniel’s plans to steal the Serenity.

Overall, I was engaged by the story and keen to see the resolution. I would be very interested to see a sequel to this story as I finished the book eager to see where Daniel and Kearin’s potential relationship could lead them. It would be good to see a story with more of them as a couple with more interaction between the two characters and definitely a progression to the next level.


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Release Day:  July 5th

Tour Dates:  July 5th – 12th


About the Author

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Tami Veldura is a writer, reader, artist, and dreamer. She resides in sunny California and aspires to quit her day job and write full-time. Her stories are predominantly gay romance in a collection of subgenres spanning fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, paranormal, BDSM, and contemporary.

She also publishes adventure steampunk, fantasy, and science fiction stories suitable for all ages as S. T. Lynn.


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