Project Fierce Chicago – a charity anthology

I wanted to draw your attention to a wonderful cause and the way you can support it, simply by buying an anthology of fabulous stories.

Piper Vaughn has also stopped by to talk about the inspiration for this anthology and how it came into being.

Project Fierce Chicago

About the anthology

Nobody deserves to be without a home. In collaboration with several authors, Less Than Three Press offers up an anthology of stories about young people who find that home and family are not always where you expect to find them.

All proceeds from this charity anthology will be donated to Project Fierce Chicago.

Who are the authors?

LT3′s Project Fierce Chicago charity anthology includes 20 short stories from AerisVicktor AlexanderTalya AndorC.J. AnthonyBlaine D. ArdenKayla Bain-VrbaSophie BonasteKenzie CadeJana Denardo,Alessandra EbuluDianne HartsockLeta HutchinsCaitlin RicciLor RoseB. SnowRin SparrowAndrea SpeedPiper VaughnLayla M. Wier, and Xara X. Xanakas.

A personal message from Piper

Hi, all!

Thanks to Nic Starr for asking me to write a bit about what inspired the Project Fierce Chicago anthology for her blog today. The concept for this anthology was born when I was looking to donate to a local GLBT homeless youth charity and discovered Project Fierce. I saw they were an up-and-coming charity seeking to raise money to purchase properties they could turn into transitional homes for homeless GLBT youth between the ages of 18 and 25. I didn’t have a ton of money that I could donate on my own, but then I remembered a couple of charity anthologies I’d seen in recent years. I figured that might be a way to get them a larger sum of money over a longer period of time.

At first, I was going to try to put the anthology together on my own, and I started putting out feelers to other authors who might be interested, but then I started to worry about the technicalities of producing a multi-author anthology, and I decided that before I decided to take that path, I should probably contact one of my publishers to see how they felt about producing it. I emailed the people of Less Than Three Press, with whom I’d already had a close relationship since 2011. They quickly agreed to take it on—and many thanks to them for doing so—and shortly thereafter a submission call was put out asking authors to submit stories for the anthology. Now, months later, here we are. The anthology contains 20 stories total, and all of the proceeds minus vendor fees will be going to Project Fierce over the next two years (the term of the contract with LT3). It truly was a labor of love for a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts. Hopefully, we can raise some money for a worthy charity and provide people with some great reading material at the same time. Because we really do believe that regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, everyone deserves a safe home.


About Project Fierce Chicago

Project Fierce Chicago’s mission is to reduce LGBTQ youth homelessness in Chicago by providing affirming, no-cost transitional housing and comprehensive support services to homeless LGBTQ young adults. PFC also aims to encourage community-building and civic engagement through cooperative living and youth leadership development.

To learn more about Project Fierce Chicago or to donate directly, visit their website. Project Fierce Chicago


Project Fierce Chicago

Buy the Anthology

To be released 15th July 2014 but available for pre-order now!

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