★★★★ Finding Jackie by Lou Sylvre ★★★★


Vasquez and James #3

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Finding Jackie

Finding Jackie


Lou Sylvre

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press


The blurb

Luki Vasquez and Sonny Bly James finally have their Hawaiian wedding, and it’s perfect, almost. But their three-phase honeymoon is riddled with strife. Luki’s status as a working badass spells discord for the newlyweds. A former informant from Luki’s days with ATFE brings a troubling message (or is it a warning?) from a Mob hit man. When Luki’s sixteen-year-old nephew, Jackie, is lured into capture and torture by a sadistic killer, the honeymoon is well and truly over.

The couple put aside their differences and focus on the grueling hunt, which takes them from leather bars to dusty desert back roads, and calls on Sonny’s deep compassion as well as Luki’s sharpest skills. Their world threatens to fall apart if they fail, but their love may grow stronger than ever if they succeed in finding Jackie—before it’s too late.


Our thoughts

3.5 – 4 Stars

Contemporary, suspense thriller, 3rd book in series

*Warning underage sexual abuse is mentioned in this story.

There are guns, bombs, murder, rescues and RV sex’n…makes for some happy reading.

If you have read the first two books in the Vasquez & James series you’ve become very familiar with our MC’s, Luki and Sunny.   We’ve watched them learn how to love and accept love.  We’ve seen them deal with death, issues from their past, betrayal, and a growing extended family; all while dealing with threats against their lives.

In Finding Jackie, Sonny and Luki celebrate their love for each other by tying the knot in Hawaii surrounded by friends and family. Of course this being Luki and Sonny wedding/honeymoon bliss doesn’t last long before a mob boss is gunning for them and they are in a race to save Jackie’s life.   The “bad guys” have decided not to attack Luki/Sonny head on instead they target Jackie, Luki’s nephew.  I’ve had a soft spot for Jackie from the first book so I was ready to go in guns blazing right along with Luki.

Jackie’s young life hasn’t been easy, even with the love and support of his brother, Josh, Kaholo, Sonny, and Luki he’s still lost in himself.  His need to figure out himself and his sexuality leads him into a trap orchestrated by a sadistic hit man.  It’s up to Luki to find and save Jackie before he can be damaged anymore emotionally than he already has.

As always with fiction you have to suspend reality because you know these things would never happen in real life but that’s also way they are so enjoyable.  The only thing I didn’t like about this story was the extra “sweet” the author added; there was so many I love you’s and honey’s, it was a bit much for me I don’t want Luki  the iceman to melt completely.

Bookjunkie xx

Reviewed by Bookjunkie

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