★★★★ The Selkie’s Curse by Helen Louise Caroll ★★★★


The Selkie’s Curse


Helen Louise Caroll


The blurb


Boy billionaire Evan Munro has been having a rough time. He’s estranged from his family. His art instructor hates him. And his grandfather is babbling about selkies and ancient curses. Things start to look up, though, when Evan meets Lorne Guthrie, the hot model in his life-drawing class. The two have sexual chemistry, and don’t waste time acting on it.

But there’s something strange about Lorne. At times he acts like two different people. And what’s with that Scottish accent that comes and goes?

Could Evan’s grandfather be right? Is Lorne a selkie? And where does that leave them?


Our thoughts


This was a great modern take on the selkie legend. I was expecting ancient Scotland and seals but it’s actually set in the present in a college town in Michigan. Evan Munro’s life changes in an afternoon. One minute he’s at a life drawing class, and the next he’s in bed with the model Lorne Guthrie who seems to know his deepest sexual needs before he does. Before he’s recovered from that very sexy encounter Evan is called home by his dying grandfather who spins a far-fetched tale. One of the family ancestors in Scotland stole the coat of a shape-changing selkie. The family gained wealth but the selkie cursed them.

When Evan goes home, trying to make sense of it all he meets up with Lorne who is different from the day before. This Guthrie is a nice college guy, not the wild seducer of the first encounter. Both Lorne and Evan are confused by the change, and really attracted to each other. As they figure it out they find themselves fighting the selkie’s curse together.

This was a good story. As I said I expected it to be a traditional selkie story in a historical setting and this update worked very well. Both Evan and Lorne were engaging characters, and their developing relationship was very believable. The sex scenes were smoking hot! The author did a good job with the two sides of Lorne’s personality and there was a real sense of menace from the selkie.   My only complaint was that everything happened so quickly. There might have been a bit more development of the plot and characters but it worked fine the way it was written.

A creative take on an old legend story, engaging characters, and have I mentioned how smoking the sex scenes were? I recommend this story!

 4 stars

Hope you enjoy – Barbara x

Reviewed by Barbara


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