★★★ The Siberian by Carolina Valdez ★★★



The Siberian


Carolina Valdez

Publisher: Amber Allure

 The blurb


Sergei Tavrovsky is considered a recluse by those who cross his path on campus at Amurskova University, located just outside the Russian Taiga Forest. It’s a perception that fits the university’s AV and computer tech guy just fine. It means he’s successfully crafted his life to protect the secrets of who he is and what he becomes when the moon is full.
When Grigorij Sokoloff, the friendly and sexy biology professor, storms Sergei’s quiet citadel to engage him fully in life, Sergei is forced to decide if loving this man is worth the risk that Grigorij might die.

This title is part of the Purrfect Tales AmberPax™ Collection.


Our thoughts


A solid shape-shifter story with a conservation message.  Grigorij Sokoloff is a biology professor at a university in Siberia.  His specialty is the Siberian tiger, and in his spare time he and a team study and identify the local tigers to help in preserving them.  Grigorij’s work with the tigers is a welcome distraction. He is attracted to Sergei Tavrovsky, the university’s computer tech and photographer, but Sergei is a loner and barely acknowledges Grigorij’s existence.

When Greigorij asks the reclusive Sergei to collaborate on photos of the tigesr, however, the attraction turns mutual. After a brief courtship, sparks fly and the two big Russians share a very passionate evening. Grigorij is in love, but Sergei suddenly calls a halt and disappears. As the story unfolds we discover that not only is Sergei a shifter, he is also one of the tigers that Grigorij and his team have been studying.

This was a good story with an interesting setting. However, I thought it was a bit short and some of the plot fell flat because of that.  There is a secondary story about Sergei’s family that isn’t very developed and there isn’t a lot of conflict beyond the question of what would happen when Grigoriji found out about Sergei’s double life.  What sets this story apart though is the natural history and cultural detail.  The author is very knowledgeable about the situation of the Siberian tiger and that detail adds a lot to the story. She also is very good when it comes to details of Russian life. The love story is also good and the two characters are very sexy together.

I recommend this one for the setting and the tigers.  A good story – I just wish there was a little more of it!

 Barbara x

Reviewed by Barbara

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