Supernatural Bounty Hunters by R.J. Scott

Supernatural Bounty Hunters

If you like your m/m romance/erotica with a little extra by way of vampires, werewolves, fae, and other paranormal species then this might just be a series for you.  Plenty of smexy with a species war of apocalyptic level thrown in for fun.  Supernatural Bounty Hunters series must be read in order and all together to really appreciate the underlining story.

The Vampire ContractThe Guilty WerewolfThe Warlock's Secret

The Demon's BloodThe Incubus AgendaThe Third Kingdom

In my opinion each book is sort of a cliffhanger and even with reading the next in the series you can fill like you missed a big chuck of the plot and find yourself going wth!!  There are some key things, in my opinion that takes place of the pages that I would have much rather read about then some of the other stuff.  There is a story under all of the smexy and I found myself wanting more of that then the smexy and you had to read each book to get the full story of what was going on in the corrupt kingdom of Glitnir.

The series begins with The Vampire Contract; a vampire, Micah, being accused of killing his human husband and a werewolf retriever, Conner, tasked with brining him to justice.  Micah is determined to get to his brother, Josh, and the evidence that will clear his name.  Conner in his pursuit of Micah starts to question his beliefs in the Glitnir judicial system.  From there we are thrust into the Underground movement and are introduced a cast of characters who become our champions of justice. (I know  it sounds cheesy but that’s the only way I can describe it).

The second in the series The Guilty Werewolf shows it’s a thin line between love and hate with Declan and Levi’s story.  Declan and Levi must go after a rogue werewolf retriever, Conner, and a murdering vampire, Micah.  Each have their own agenda when it come to accepting their assignments.  Levi’s trying to uncover the truth behind his parents death, and Declan wants to bring his friend and alpha back home and clear his name.

The Warlock’s Secret is Josh and Phin’s story.  Always told that two people with magic could never be together they have denied their feeling for each other, scared they would bring about the apocalypse.  But it takes Phin’s magic to save Josh from the warlock set to destroy anyone in his path to complete control over Glitnir.  A lot more was revealed in this story as it deals with the overall plot of the series…the enemy is identified.

The Demon’s Blood is Asher and Simeon’s story.  The bastard heir  to the throne of the 2nd Kingdom is revealed a title Phin has run away from in the name of equality.  Asher is a blood demon, thus a second class citizen, a slave…he’s also the older half-brother of Phin, the heir apparent to the throne of the 2nd Kingdom.  The battle for the throne isn’t waged between Asher and Phin but rather their distant cousin who will stop at nothing for the crown.

The Incubus Agenda is Nick and Brody’s story.  Brody has just be accused of being a traitor to Glitnir and brought before the retriever for death and Nick is torn between wanting to save him and outing himself as a member of the underground.

The Third Kingdom…the prophecy that was spoken of almost a thousand years ago is about to come to pass.  Old jealousy and hatred are about to come to ahead in an epic battle between Glitnir and the Underground.  This all came down to one man’s selfishness and greed for power and a love he couldn’t have.

Stick with the series the overall story outshines the individual stories. Like I said before seems like some very key things take place outside of the books.  Things I think would have been a little more interesting than some of the smexy scenes.  Don’t get me wrong the smexy scenes are smoken hot!  But I’d really like to know about Conner’s family,  and what really made Ludvik go batshit  over Ethan, was it his magic or lust/love?

3.5 stars

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