★★★★★ Because of Jade by Lou Sylvre ★★★★★

Vasquez and James #5

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Because of Jade

Because of Jade


Lou Sylvre

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press


The blurb

Luki Vasquez receives the news he’s still cancer free after five years, and he wants to celebrate with his whole family. He and his husband, Sonny James, take a road trip south, intending to gather at the home of his nephew Josh, Josh’s wife Ruthie, and Jade—a little girl who was still in the womb when she and her mother helped Luki beat lung cancer.

Halfway to their destination, Luki learns Josh and Ruthie have met a tragic death. The horrible news lays Luki low, but he pulls himself together in time to be the family’s rock and see to the dreaded business of tying up loose ends. The most important business is Jade, and when Luki and Sonny head home, they take Jade with them.

Luki and Sonny must combat self-doubt and fear and help each other learn to parent an unexpected child—and they must also nourish the love that has kept them whole for the past ten years. A relative’s spurious claim to Jade threatens the new family, and even if they prevail in court, they could lose their little girl unless they can rescue Jade from evil hands and true peril.

Our thoughts

5 stars
If you have read the previous books in this series then you may get where I’m coming from with this review, especially if you read Yes.  Because of Jade takes place five years after Yes and ten years after Loving Luki Vasquez.  Sonny and Luki are doing well, still crazy in love, just received a clean bill of health from Luki’s doctors and they are ready to celebrate with their family.
Their nephew Josh and his wife Ruthie are expecting their second child but Ruthie is having some difficulty with this pregnancy so they decide to move the celebrate to Josh and Ruthie’s home in Southern California.  While Sonny and Luki are on their way down tragedy strikes the family yet again.  Ok so here is were I get made at Ms. Lou Sylvre again, she has taken away yet more characters that we’ve grown to love and dang it she made me cry!  The death of Josh and Ruthie brings the family to their knees; Jackie is having a hard time coping, Kaholo is trying to be the rock for his family as he’s always done, Sonny’s not sure what to do, and Luki is taking the lead by dealing with the details but not addressing his own grief and in the middle of all of this is Josh & Ruthie’s five year old daughter, Jade.
Unknown to Luki and Sonny they have been named as guardians of Jade should anything happen to Josh and Ruthie.  Thrust into the roll of parents nervousness and guilt for both Luki and Sonny.  Luki’s worried he won’t know what to do with a kid let a lone a little girl but he loves Jade so much that he doesn’t let that stop him from stepping up full force.  Sonny is worried and still carries some guilt about his raising of Dylsen and on some level doubts Jade’s need for him in her life because of the bond she has with Luki.
Ready or not, planned or surprised, parenting is hard no matter what the age of the child or parent.  Luki, Sonny, and Jade go through an adjustment period and settle into school and carpools when…Ruthie’s long lost sister and her husband come to break-up their happy home.  Man if you thought Sonny and Luki fought for each other you haven’t seen them fight til you see them fight for Jade!
Because of love, because of family, Because of Jade was a wonderful end to the Vasquez and James series.  I will be the first to say that the first book was good but it wasn’t great but the more I read the more wrapped up I became with this series.  Each story is better than the last.  Are there some holes in the plot? Well yeah but it’s also fiction so you have to suspend reality anyway, so you might as well get caught up in the story.
If you read my first review I told you the story felt a little choppy, well I don’t know if I just got use to author’s style or if her writing just smoothed out either way by the end of book 2 I was in too deep and there was no turning back.  Great series but if I could make one request it would be a story/novella of how Jackie and Brian finally got together….please, please, please! I’m not begging just asking.

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Reviewed by Bookjunkie

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