★★★½ Orgasmic Texas Dawn by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J Manly ★★★½



Orgasmic Texas Dawn


A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

The blurb


Canadian cop Kieran Fox has fallen from grace after a disastrous romance with the wrong guy — the head of a drug cartel. When Sheriff Dillon DePriest moseys on up north — begging Kieran to come to his town of Lone Trail, Texas to help him deal with a gang of murderous drug dealers — he says yes, if only to get away from the scene of his own crime. Kieran soon learns that the tough little Texas town is knee-deep in an escalating mystery.

There’s a cross-dressing Cher impersonator, a killer missing some gold teeth and his…er…dangly bits. Then there’s Kieran’s growing attraction for Lone Pine’s sexy U.S. Marshal, Jubilee Mason, that he neither wants nor needs…

Our thoughts


I liked this but I didn’t love it as it feel like a cross between plot driven and character driven. Yes there was some instant attraction for both men but the ‘I love you’ came far too soon for me. Some parts felt a little confusing and there were times that I couldn’t make out who’s POV it supposed to be.

They’re are the only negatives I have. I enjoyed the plot with the murders and drug running and all the little ‘small Texas town’ idiosyncrasies.  Jubilee is firmly in the closet and Keiren is determined not to mix business with pleasure again – but of course they end up in bed anyway.

“I don’t think I could crawl into bed one more time without you in it. I want you so much, I ache all over. I can’t sleep for thinking you’ll grow tired of waiting for my sorry ass. I almost died thinking something would happen to you. How the hell have you been able to weave such a spell over me in this short a time”

I liked the relationship between Jubilee and the town’s Sheriff Dillon, they didn’t work that well together and kept important case information to themselves, even though they were working on the same case. But outside of work they got on well and were even fishing buddies.

I liked Keiren, trying to keep the local ladies away without being too much of an ass, especially when Jubilee’s sister invites him over for a dinner date – with Jubilee there too. Was not a comfortable situation.

 There are currently 13 books to this series but I don’t think that they’re all about Jubilee and Kieren – although I think most of them are.  Will I continue with the series?  I’ll definately read book #2 as I’d like to see where these two hunky men go.

Robyn x

Reviewed by RJ