★★★★ Between the Shadow and the Soul by Jamie Craig ★★★★



Between the Shadow and the Soul


Jamie Craig

Publisher – Amber Allure

The blurb


Ryan Jackson doesn’t expect too much from his weekend at the Shadows and Souls fan convention in Tahoe—he wants to meet his online friends, engage in a few heated debates about the plot for the upcoming season, and maybe shake the hand of the TV show’s star, Johnny Marlowe. But his weekend goes off course almost immediately after his arrival. First, the hotel loses his booking. Then Johnny Marlowe talks to him like they’re actual friends. And while his head is still spinning, a ghost attacks him in the elevator.
Despite fighting ghosts every week on television, Johnny Marlowe does not believe in the spirit world. He does, however, believe he should get to know Ryan better. Fan or not, the man is not only gorgeous, he’s down-to-earth, fun, and makes Johnny forget about the fake life he’s forced to lead and the ex-boyfriend who refused to participate in the charade. Unfortunately, every time Johnny tries to get close to the handsome ginger, something explodes or the earth shakes or lights blink out—and none of that is as sexy as it sounds.
Johnny doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he knows he has to get to the bottom of this haunting if he ever wants to get close to his biggest fan.

Our thoughts


Ryan is a big fan of the TV show Shadows and Souls and has been looking forward to ShadowCon for months. He’ll get to meet all the friends he’s made with the fans online and hopefully get to at least shake hands with the beautiful star of the show, Johnny Marlowe. When he arrives at the convention, he finds that the hotel has lost his reservation and of course they’re booked up for the weekend. But things immediately take a turn for the better when Johnny overhears Ryan’s predicament and offers him his extra room.

Johnny was looking forward to this weekend too. His show had been picked up for a second season and he was excited to meet the fans.  Not only that, he also had planned to spend time with his boyfriend at the beautiful hotel on Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, Johnny no longer has a boyfriend which is why he has the extra room. His now ex was no longer willing to stay in the closet with Johnny.  What better way to distract himself from being lonely than by sharing a room next door to a big, handsome ginger. And even if Ryan isn’t gay at least he’s great eye candy.

But when these two start to explore their attraction things start to get really weird. Seems the hotel is haunted and the ghosts don’t like it when Ryan and Johnny start to get hot and heavy. Johnny may hunt ghosts on TV he has no idea how to deal with them in real life but he has to do something if he wants to get to know Ryan.

I really liked this story. It was fun and funny and Ryan is completely adorable. It’s short, so there’s not a lot of relationship development or background but it’s a sweet and hot beginning. They may only be together for a weekend but I really did feel the connection between them. The mystery with the ghosts was a bit predictable but I didn’t mind. I enjoyed the ride.

**Copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**

Otila x

Reviewed by Otila




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