★★★★½ The Actor & The Thief by Edward Kendrick ★★★★½



The Actor & The Thief


Edward Kendrick

Publisher: Wilde City Press

 The blurb


Once they were a couple. Now—they’re far from it.

Just out of prison, Craig heads to Denver. At the same time Adam, on tour with a Broadway show, arrives there. Also heading to Denver are two men bent on finding Craig for their own nefarious reasons.

When Craig and Adam accidentally meet sparks fly, but not of the good kind. Then Craig finds his mentor murdered and believes he’s the reason why. He calls on Adam, the only man he can trust for help. Can they work together, and possibly re-kindle their love? Or will Adam walk away again?


Our thoughts
Oh I loved this story, The Actor and The Thief. Our MCs Craig and Adam were awesome!

The title says it all Adam is an actor and Craig is a thief.  Adam put an end to his and Craig’s relationship 20 years ago when his heart could no longer take the worrying about Craig and his safety in his chosen profession.  And Craig didn’t chase him, knowing he wasn’t ready to give up his profession.

But 20 years after parting ways they find themselves in the same restaurant, wishing and wanting.  Craig has just been released from prison after serving 6 years and he’s finally ready to retire.  Adam is performing in Denver, he’s a star in his own right but his personal life is lacking.

The line from the Godfather popped in my head while reading this story “Every time I try to get out they just keep pulling me back in”…Craig’s out and really doesn’t want to get back into that line of work but he does a favor for a friend and before the job is complete his friend is murdered.  It seems as if Craig’s past doesn’t want to let him go.

Adam is content with being an actor, even content with being an aging actor.  After running into Craig he realizes he’s still in love with him but wants to keep his distance.  But once he learns that Craig has retired or is trying to retire he wants nothing more than to be with the man he loves and is willing to do anything to make that happen.

Adam and Craig are trying to cut the ties to Craig’s past life but two men don’t want to see that happen at least not without getting their hands on the money Craig has stashed away.

This story moved at a really nice pace, I just hate that it was such a quick read.  I would love to read about Adam and Craig’s first go at love…I can only imagine. *swoon*

4.5 stars

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