★★★ Dumping Las Vegas by J.P. Bowie ★★★



Dumping Las Vegas


J.P. Bowie

Publisher: Wilde City Press

 The blurb


When Jerry Peterson’s brother Mike begs for help in paying off a Las Vegas gambling debt, Jerry reluctantly travels to the city he loathes. Things are even worse than he expected—his brother is being held hostage until the debt is paid. Taylor Maitland is in Vegas writing an article on compulsive gambling, an addiction his father was unable to free himself from. When the two men meet, Taylor offers to help Jerry locate his brother and negotiate with the captors. Despite the series of violent events that screw up their plans and have them dogged by two homicidal thugs, Jerry and Taylor are drawn together by their mutual attraction for one another, even finding time in between narrow escapes, to indulge in some hot man lovin’!


Our thoughts
Ok I really don’t know how to rate Dumping Las Vegas because there were parts that I really, really, really enjoyed and then there were parts I was like REALLY (and not in the good way). I like the concept of the story; dealing with a family member with a gambling problem and trying to save them from themselves and the lone-sharks.

Jerry’s brother Mike has a gambling problem that has now gotten to the point he is being held hostage  by lone-sharks until they get the money he owes.  Jerry hates the fact that he is the only person left in his brother’s life that he can turn to and feels obligated to help him now.  He doesn’t want to help his brother but he also doesn’t want his bother hurt in any way.

Taylor is a freelance journalist who grew up dealing with a parent with a gambling problem that didn’t end until they died.  Taylor met Mike by chance while doing research for his article on gambling addiction.  Mike told Taylor of the situation he was facing with the lone-sharks and also gave him a lead on a “sure thing” in a horserace.  When Taylor sees the men he assumes are Mike’s bookies and sees the trouble he’s in he wants to help anyway he can.

I loved the way this story began, even though some of it was a little farfetched, it was action packed. I thought it wrapped up a little too quickly and was worried with what the author was going to do with the rest of the book…Well he slows it down so that Jerry and Taylor can get to know each other and start a little something, something.  I didn’t care for the slow down because the beginning was so fast pace that this getting to know each other felt like a fast halt.  But I kept reading and it all picked back up again because the trouble was far from over.

I don’t know I liked the book but I didn’t love it, I felt there were some things that were just a little over the top and the pacing of the story was a little off.  I know you have to sprinkle in the backstory and work in romance which can be a little difficult when doing fast action.  None the less I think it’s a book worth reading.

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