Things are changing…

You might have noticed things changing around here. Then again, you might not. 🙂

Anyway, over the last couple of months, life has started to get in the way and priorities are changing. Both Robyn and I have day jobs (very much evil a lot of the time) plus families and our writing. Sadly this means that the time available to review is diminishing – something had to give, right?

There is time and effort involved in coordinating review requests from publishers and authors, coordinating a review team,  liaising with reviewers and drafting posts. Therefore over recent months, our reviews have been declining. Which is sad. There are so many books being released that deserve to be reviewed and I receive lots of requests that I have to decline.


At Two Men, we still love our m/m romance, and the site won’t be going away. In fact we are hoping it will evolve in a new way. We are planning for you to be able to read lots of interesting posts by some of your favourite authors, some of whom we hope will be joining regularly to share their views on writing, their books and life in general. I hope you enjoy the new direction we are taking.

So while we are sad to see our reviews decline, they’ll still be lots happening. Importantly, I’d like to thank all the reviewers who have been on our journey so far. Your efforts have been very much appreciated.

One a final note, if you are sad to see the lessening of reviews, and passionate enough to want to take over this side of the blog, feel free to get in contact. Who knows. maybe there’s someone out there who would like to keep it going. 🙂

Nic and Robyn xx


Photo Credit: (Change Ahead Sign Displays A Different And Changing Future by Stuart Miles


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