Christmas with Renae Kaye!

Look who’s visiting us for Christmas Eve! Renae has dropped by to answer a few questions about her Christmas for us.


Hi Nic!

Thanks for having me on your blog again.  I hope you and all your readers have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.  Be safe.

Do you have any special Xmas traditions?

Christmas for me is flat out busy.  My Christmas day usually starts at 5am (I have to set my alarm) to get up in time to make it.  I usually have to finish preparing food for the day before waking the kids.  We open presents, have a play with them, pack the car and leave at 7am.

We then have present opening (#2!) with my husband’s parents at their house, before we cook up a bbq breakfast (which usually has further guests arriving at 8am).  We stuff ourselves with sausages, bacon, croissants, tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs.

We then pack up (again) and leave at 11am to make it to my sister’s house.  We have present opening (#3!) once my family has all arrived, then we get lunch.  Lunch is usually cold meats and salad, followed by LOTS of dessert.  After lunch we swim in the pool and relax.

My oldest is 7, and although we’ve been invited to Christmas dinner (back with hubby’s extended family) for the last 7 years, the kids have usually been too tired.  This year we’ll see…

I’m exhausted just reading that! Are you able to share a Christmas recipe with us?

You mean like “make” something?  From scratch?  No.  Never happens in my house.  Not at Christmas.  For me Christmas is about fresh salads and time-saving store bought desserts.  Nothing can beat pavlova with fresh cream and fresh fruit piled up on top of it.

Perth is way too hot on Christmas day for complicated puddings or recipes.  This year, they’re forecasting 35 degrees celcius (95F) so we just go with fruit and salad.

 Yum, pavlova ❤

What’s your special Christmas wish?

Apart from Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All Men?

Generally I wish for a stress free Christmas.  I do end up stressing a lot, so each Christmas I try to plan it out so there is no stress.

What book of yours should someone put into the Xmas stocking if they wanted to introduce someone to m/m and why?

The Blinding Light.  I think this book would appeal to many readers.  It’s pretty vanilla in its concepts (no heavy kink) yet saucy and sexy at the same time.

Thanks for having me Nic!  Merry Christmas!


Thanks for joining us, Renae. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day and you get to relax at some point! 🙂

I read and really enjoyed The Blinding Light. Here are the buy links for any readers who want to grab it for a last minute gift (isn’t being able to buy eBooks online a wonderful thing?)

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon AU

All Romance eBooks

Dreamspinner Press



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